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NSSRS - Student Snapshot
I am working on my student snapshot and see my new student that transfered in on May 12th will not show up in my student snapshot.  He will show in Student Enrollment and Student.  Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I am at the ESU10 working and this one has everyone puzzled.


Rebecca Vanek
Ord Public School
Tags: PowerSchool  NSSRS
3 Responses to "NSSRS - Student Snapshot"

We found the answer.  My beginning date of the snapshot report has to be todays date and the ending date June 30th.

I put in the day after school was out, 05/22/2009, and got only the high school. When I put in today's date I get a blank report. Any ideas?

Hello Peggy,
What is the last day you had a student enroll?  I had a student come in the month of April and May 12th.  So we used May 21st.  They showed at the end of the report.  Try the last day of school.
Let me know or call me.

Ord High School

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