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Program Fact

We are just getting started on our Program Fact Report and are not sure on Participants.
Are all students considered participants, or just those that took vocational classes?


Lana Kruml and Rebecca Vanek
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Only those taking vocational classes that are in an approved program of study.

Thank You Graci!
We have a couple more questions when we enter Program District School Code - do we select the custom code  and Technical Skill Attainment - not applicable?


Here is a link that may help with the definition of participants

One word of caution is that if you have a concentrator make sure you put in the proper technical skill attainment code which would be something other than by leaving the field blank.  If by chance you leave a blank for a concentrator it will give you an error in NSSRS Validation.  If you find you made a mistake and need to change a blank to another code and it will not fix by re-uploading the corrected file you may need to contact me or the helpdesk and we can do a delete of the old record.  Then we will have you send up the record again with the proper code.  It is not a key field but for some reason it is not allowing updates to that field at this time like most other non-key fields function.
The best way to reach me is by email

Yes, that is what we did for our concentrators, thank you for the information.

Working on Program fact.  Can't remember if I need to put in a start date or not.  I left it blank and got 2500 records but 800 errors.  Seem kind of excessive.  The errors were kids that transferred in and out last summer before school started.  Ran report again with start date of 1st day of school.  Errored out again with 90 duplicate errors.  Any help would be great.  Thanks


you'll need a start date it and it should be the first day of school.  Are your errors with all areas of programs fact or just career ed?
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