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Program Fact
I sent my report through the Portal and made it all the way through the validation and had 1 error on an students     CEBUSMGT    Not Applicable    CE0003

I know it should be Meet Technical attainment through locally developed criterion CE0003.

Is this what you told me to make sure and watch!  I was trying to be so careful and missed this one.  What now?  Is this something I can re-run and fix or does the state.

1 Response to "Program Fact"

I got this fixed for Rebecca but just so everyone else knows the answer I am posting this.  You can try to run it up again with the proper technical skill attainment code but chances are it won't update the old record due to a glitch which is making that field non-updateable (if that is a word).  If this happens please contact me or the helpdesk and have the old (wrong)record deleted.  You can then send up the record with the proper code again and it should get rid of the error.  It is just that this field is not overwriting as it should be when the new value is entered so we have to go the delete and re-enter route for now.  
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