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2009-2010 PowerSchool Sharing Session Dates
2009-2010 PowerSchool Sharing Session Dates

Mark your calendar

8/26/09 – (AM) What’s New in PS Premiere (6.0) and (PM) Basic Administration for new users
10/9/09 – (AM) Storing grades and Report Cards and (PM) Advanced topics TBD
12/2009 – Date & Topics TBD
2/8/10 – Scheduling        
3/31/10 –Workday for scheduling & other topics or questions
5/26/10 – EOY

Time:  9:00 AM – 3:30 PM CST

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4 Responses to "2009-2010 PowerSchool Sharing Session Dates"


I would like more information about the 8/26, class.  Would my Elementary and High School secretary benefit in attend this class?


Ord High School

I would love to come over but the 26th is the first day of school here.  There is no way I can leave.  Next year could you see about scheduling the first session a couple of weeks into the school year.  Thanks for you support Gracie.


We will cover the new features, such as ReportWorks, address verification, PowerTeacher, PT Administrator, etc. I will try to get out an agenda sometime next week.

It is open to anyone, but I believe it would be more beneficial for PS administrators.

Kathy, we understand your concern. We didn't want to wait too long into the school year and with schools starting as early as the 10th, we picked the 26th. If others would like to have this date moved back, please let us know and we will consider a different date.
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