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NSSRS Uniq-ID request report
Has anyone tried to run the Uniq-ID request report yet?   When I try it just circles around to the same page time and time again.  What am I missing!!!  Thank you for ANY advice!

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I just tried it - When I hit submit I get the spinning circle- hit submit again & it worked.  When I tried the process again - I am getting the same thing you are - also I tried logging out and back in - same problem.  Not much help!!

Thank you for your response, it at least makes me feel better that I'm not just losing it!

Did anyone find any answers to this??  I have been having this problem for a couple of weeks trying to get this report to run.

Hi Tanya,

In my case I was messing with Custom Web Page Management and somehow that messed up my state reports.  I disabled Custom Web Page Management and everything works just fine.

Do you have customizations turned on? If so, turn it off and see if the report runs. System > System Settings > Customizations

Thanks for your help, it fixed it!
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