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Student Medical Customization
Does anyone have a customization they would share for our school nurse which would allow us to enter immunizations, keep track of weight and height, and so on?
4 Responses to "Student Medical Customization"

Here is the page that we use at HPS.  For it to work for you you would need to open it in Dreamweaver or another text editor and note the custom fields I used.  You would have to use the same or change them to your own customs fields.

Don't know where to place a file for you to download, send me your email address.

Let me know if you need help.

I have about 5 different screens if you are interested. You can edit or use as is. Email me at and I will send you all of them.

Please send me what you have for student medical information.

I'm interested in adding the student medical info, also.
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