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Printing past report cards
I'm trying to print a report card for a 2009 graduate.  I thought the easiest way to do that would be to go to last year and print the report card.  When I went into last year it is showing me the 2009-2010 seniors.  With further looking, no matter what grade I select it is showing me this years classes.  I have done a search for last years seniors and power school is not pulling them.  I'm sure this is an easy fix but some of this power school stuff is new to me and I would appreciate some help if anyone knows what to do.  Thanks!
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2 Responses to "Printing past report cards"

I have found that all I can print for past years is a transcript.
You need to look under School - pull down Graduated Students for past Seniors.  You will also need to use the / slash to pull them forward.

Hope that helps. :)

I believe you should be able to print past report cards for graduated students. Go to the school "Graduated Students" and see if you can change the Year to "08-09." If you can't, you will need to create an 08-09 year in Years & Terms.  Once you can change the year to 08-09 in Graduated Students, search for your student by putting a / in front of the student name and run the report for this student. Your report card will need to pull the grades from the Historical grades, not the Current grades.
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