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I am going to have to put in a new server soon.  I want to go back to a Macintosh server.  I have the specs from PS and was wanting feedback from other users as to what they were using as a  macintosh server and what configurations they have implemented.


I have several new students to enter into Power School for next year.  I have one student that moved at the end of the year and was told to transfer him out after all my reports were finished.  Then he won't show up on next year's enrollment.   So do I enter my new students before I do the end of the year process?

Thanking you in advance.....

Judy -
I am going to exit my students who are leaving as soon as all my state reports are done.  That is also when I will graduate my seniors.  Then I am going to run enrollment again.

I won't enter the new students until closer to school starting.  We have had several in the past say they were coming and then change their minds.

I still have to create next year before the 30th.

Hope this helps.  What does everyone else do?
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