Gradebook link
By Gary Warner
September 4, 2009

Thanks all for the help in getting a link for teachers and grade. I have 2 teachers out of 80+ that can't seem to get it on there computers. I have checked it out and it is driving me crazy.

We checked all the pref and when we click on Gradebook from powerteacher, we see that the link is downloaded to where ever. It opens and everything is find. We close gradebook and the file disappears to the unknown. Not in trash or anything. So we click on the link again from Powerteacher. After it opens, we copy that .jnlp file somewhere else. Close everything, then try to click on the .jnlp file, we get the login for the gradebook but it will not accept the password/login combo. Says a bad password but it is right. Just these two computers it is happening to. One is 10.4 the other 10.5.8. i have spent an hour looking at all the java, web settings and everything but no joy.

Any help out there?? (Pink Floyd)