If-Then Statement/Hard Return
By Peggy Medema
December 9, 2009

I've been trying to come up with an Activities Report that would list all the sports, etc., that a student had been in for the year.

I used an If/then statement to determine if a student had been in an activity:

^(CC;if.not.blank.then=Cross Country)

I put in a statement like that for each of the activities we have. I wanted to put in a hard return to separate them, but only if there was actually text present, not after every if/then statement, so I changed it to the following:

^(CC;if.not.blank.then=Cross Country<br>)

By golly if it didn't print just the ones that returned a value!!

I'm so excited about this and there's no one else geeky enough around here to be excited with me :~D

Peggy Medema
Valentine Community Schools
Valentine, NE