New NSSRS Curriculum Report - due 2/26/10
By Wayne Wiens
January 17, 2010

Pearson released the beta version of the Curriculum Report last Tuesday, 1/12, to the beta testing group. This small number of users have until next Tuesday to report their findings to Pearson. So it will be awhile before the report is ready to go.

At this point, it seems the general consensus of what is best for most schools THIS YEAR is to use the file you can download from NDE. This downloaded file will contain the information that was on the report last year, plus it will have added new staff and removed staff that have left. With this file, you will have to massage the data by reflecting any changes in this year's schedule. You will also have to add the minutes taught.

Here is a link to a very good memo on the download curriculum file from NDE:  On-Line Curriculum Reporting Memo.doc    
Here is NDE's site for this report: NDE Curriculum Report

To use the PS Curriculum Report, besides loading the files, there is quite a bit of other work involved. The main task is entering all the state's course ids into PS's alternate course number field. We still want to move forward with this report at this time so we can get the bugs worked out and the state course numbers entered into PS.

Anyone who has more information or a differing view, please add your thoughts!