PowerScheduler - Student Request Screens
By Dustin Favinger
March 1, 2010

Those of you who know me already know that I have very little hair left to pull out...I am working on scheduling for next year.  I am having trouble getting the student request screens to display properly.

I have run the setup and copied my registration screens from last year.  When I preview the screen and when I actually log in as a kid, it does not list the courses to choose from.  I click on the 'pencil' icon but the box that comes up does not list any classes. 

I have tried multi-class requirements, I have tried single class, etc.  I have tried different course groups as well.  Even tried firefox and IE to make sure it was not a browser issue.

Has anyone else had this issue? And better yet, how did you fix it?

Dustin Favinger