Automatically copy data from one field to another
By Al McDowall
March 15, 2010

Hi All,

First post for me and hopefully the first step on the path to feeling more positive about Powerschool!
Within the student table, I have two fields - Student_Web_ID and Student_Email. Student_Email is exactly the same as Student_Web_ID except with the addition of on the end.

I would have thought there would be a straightforward way of copying the data from one field to another, but I have so far been stumped. I thought I had solved it using ~([01]Fieldname) but this only produces the right results within Powerschool (as it interprets the call on the fly). I need to fill the field with the correct data, as I will be exporting this data for use within Follet Destiny.

Right now, I am thinking I will simply export the relevant data, amend it as necessary and then import it back in to the email field. However, I find myself relying more and more on external software to manipulate and present the data held in Powerschool. Does anyone know of a way to complete what I feel is a basic task, solely within Powerschool?

Many thanks for any suggestions,