Mac Server Support Ending
By Ron Cone
July 6, 2010

I was recently made aware of Pearson discontinuing support for PowerSchool running on Mac Servers.  Are there other districts affected by this announcement and are looking to move from a Mac to a Windows server within the next year?

One school has approached us about their situation and we're providing a hosting service for them.  I'm wondering if others have the same need and if we should expand this service for other districts and make it more cost effective?

Additional Information Regarding Mac Server Announcement

Dear PowerSchool Customer,

Recently, Pearson made an announcement regarding support options for Macintosh database

servers and PowerPC servers.

This announcement referenced alternative hardware and hosting options, including virtualization of the database using existing Macintosh hardware. We are excited to provide more detail around each of these options including what Pearson can do to help you select and deploy the right one for your district.

To learn more about Pearson hosting, server virtualization, or hardware procurement, please click here.


Pearson Technical Solutions Group