PowerSchool Sharing Session 2/3/2011
By Graci Gillming
January 26, 2011

PowerSchool Sharing Session
February 3, 2011
ESU 10 - Kearney
Conference Rms E & F (south wing)
9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. CST

Register at https://odie.esu10.org/workshops

Presenter: Wayne Wiens, ESU 9, wwiens@esu9.org 

Topic:  PowerScheduler

It is time to get started with the scheduling process! This session will focus on scheduling using PowerScheduler. You can use PowerScheduler to capture students' course requests on-line, enroll (Load) the students into courses and even have it create the master schedule (Build). Bring your schedule changes for next year and get a good start on the scheduling process.


    - we will setup PowerScheduler for next year


    - we will cover how to create course groups and student request screens so students can register online.


    - this where PowerScheduler creates the optimal master schedule based upon student requests and course/teacher constraints.


    -we will cover PowerScheduler's ability to load the students' requests into the master schedule

If you have questions about content, contact Wayne at wwiens@esu9.org.

Questions about registrations can be directed to Connie at ceinspahr@esu10.org