Grade book won't launch with latest Version of Java - on Macs only
By Wayne Wiens
October 18, 2012

On a Mac, if you install the latest update of Java, Grade book will not launch.  The problem is with Java 7-Update 9 that was released on 10/16.  This is affecting only Macs. When the Grade book is launched we are experiencing a small Java 7 window being displayed and it just hangs there. 

I called tech support this morning. They became aware of this issue yesterday and at this time they said there is no work around and they are gathering information and the case has been escalated. Of course they said the problem wasn't with PowerSchool, but with Java.

I Googled and found a workaround. If you uninstall Java 7 and reinstall 6, the Grade book will launch. Here are the instructions on how to do it:

You will have to have admin rights on the machine and know the admin's password to run the terminal commands.

If you have teachers using Macs, I would tell them to not do any Java updates till they hear back from you letting them know the problem has been fixed.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me.

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