Do you track scholarships offered?
By Jane Campbell
March 4, 2014

High school PS folks:

Do you use PowerSchool to track the college scholarships students are offered each year? If so, how do you do it?

We have a custom student screen created with fields for up to 15 scholarships per student, listing college, annual amount and total amount for each scholarship. The registrar compiles the info into a spreadsheet, which she gives to me to upload. However, I have to recreate the spreadsheet after she's created it because it becomes too unwieldy if she lists a student with all her scholarships on one row. With 200 students, this is a huge job.

If the info is entered directly into the custom page, exporting it creates an unwieldy spreadsheet that no one wants to use. I'm not sure how to create a report without 100 fields per student.

Last year, one student applied for and received scholarships at 24 schools. It was a nightmare. Is this data even worth tracking in PowerSchool? Does anyone have a better way?