Credit Hours Earned/Potential Credit Hours
By Joan Ibarra
March 4, 2014

I am trying to put  the students' total credit hours earned as well as the pending (potential) credit hours into an object report.   We use a credit type (AHS).    

I can find these codes:
All hours earned   ^(*credit_hours.credit_type)  The student's total credit hours earned

Credit type  ^(*credit_hours.credit_type,MA)  The student's total Math credit hours

EarnedGrade Level   ^(*credit_hours;9)  The student's total credit hours earned in grade 9 Note: Multiple grades can be listed such as ^(*credit_hours;10,11)

Grade Level & Semester   ^(*credit_hours;9;S1)  The student's total semester 1 credit hours earned in grade 9

Potential Hours^(*potential_credit_hours)The student's total potential credit hours Note: The filters used for credit hours earned can also be used for potential credits hours such as ^(*potential_credit_hours;9) or ^(*potential_credit_hours.credit_type,MA) 

I cannot get anything to work at all in this report.   Anyone use these types of codes in an object report?