End of Year Exit and Entry codes
By Adrian Carlson
May 9, 2016

We are new to PowerSchool this year and during implementation we set up our Entry and Exit codes as what was listed in the Nebraska State Reporting Setup Guide.

Entry Codes
100 Still Enrolled Still enrolled in the District.
101 Original Entry A student enters a school for the first time.
102 Transfer In Transfer in from a school, institution or home school setting.
103 Re-entry Re-entry after a withdrawal, whether voluntary or involuntary
Exit Codes
200 Transfer out – Intra-District Transfer out - within the same district.
201 Transfer Out Transfer out of the district.
202 Drop Out: A student who withdrew for personal or academic reasons.
203 Completer: Diploma A student who completed an approved program of study and met district/system requirements for a high school diploma.
204 Completer: No Diploma
205 Not Enrolled, Eligible to Return
206 Deceased, A student who died.
208 Maximum Age A student who passed the age for which the state guarantees a free, appropriate public education and subsequently exited school.

Now were are getting ready for EOY and I don't know what Entry and Exit codes to list for EOY. My best guess is this picture below.

Can someone help me know what Exit and Entry codes I need to set for EOY and be accurate for State Reporting?  Or do you have your own custom Entry and Exit codes for your school?