Anyone using MBA Report Card Creator?
By Jane Campbell
September 30, 2017

Anyone using Marcia Brenner Report Card Creator? We just purchased it and are planning to use it for our Q1 report cards in late October. Just had training on Thursday and it ... well, it was the worst online training session I've ever attended. We were muted during the entire session so we couldn't ask a question and couldn't figure out how to get a message to the trainer. (Other people in the training asked questions so they weren't muted but I think everyone was confused.) She ran through the session and we couldn't keep up as we were trying to follow along. I'm seriously considering asking for my money back. Has anyone used this? Did we just get a bad trainer? When the sales guy showed it to us, it looked very easy to use but I can't get it to work. I'm going on vacation on Wednesday for a week so I don't have a lot of time to get it set up. HELP!

Jane Campbell / Marian High School / Omaha, NE