Uploading files to PS Community
By Graci Gillming
August 21, 2009

If you'd like to place a file or doc on the Community, you need to post an new article, i.e. it can't be done via a comment.  Once logged in, click on Publishing, then Add New Artcile. In the editing tool bar click on the Document Manager button  , which will allow you to upload a document.

Pictures can be done similiarly by clicking on the Image Manager button

For both of them, if this is the first time you've uploaded a doc or image, you'll have to:upload it to the community server, so the steps would include:

  • clicking on the appropriate button
  • select Upload in the tool bar
  • find the file and select it
  • click upload
  • make sure the file is selected
  • click on Insert in the lower right corner of the window.


For images, there is an image editor where you can reduce them in size to make them fit better in the community window.