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Kristy Kennedy (2)

Has anyone else noticed that the Teacher Attendance Submission page will not display who has or has not taken attendance until mid-morning?   

We try to check by 8:30 am so we can start prompting teachers to take attendance and then calling to see where absent students are.

I wonder if there is a time setting someplace or something that PS can adjust?

Go to:  School< Attendance < Teacher Attendance Submission

Thank you
Kristy Kennedy
Hastings Public Schools

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Ours displays right away.  I also check every morning to see who has taken attendance and it is showing up for us.

MAYBE this is it????

I found in the PS Community that someone else said "Teacher Attendance Submission Status report does not display correctly in" 

     We are on version
They did not say what was not working but ? the response was: 
A Fix has been released in PowerSchool

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Does anyone else use Brad Ramsdale  (UNL NE College of TechAg) to teach Distance Learning Crop Science?   (or any other course from him) 

I need to add his "Contracting District Number" to PowerSchool for it to pull his DL Class for us so we can get the Student Grades to submit (I think that it the issue)

The NDE Staff ID of the distance learning teacher will be included on the Student Grades template for the courses the teacher is sending to the receiving school, use the contracting district code for the sending teacher as the controlling district code on Student Grades.

Thank you!!!
Kristy Kennedy
Gibbon Public Schools
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