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Its not too late to register for the PowerSchool Conference at ESU 10 in Kearney, July 12 & 13.

Click here to register

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When I run my Programs Fact report I enter 8/14/2013 as the beginning date and it gives me everything from 8/16/2012 to present!  What the heck am I doing wrong!
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Never mind, I see now that the 2012 records do not have an exit date. 

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NDE has made some changes to the Staff Demographic and Staff Position Assignment reports. Unfortunately, Pearson's latest state update does not include these changes. Pearson is aware of this and has targeted September 9 as the update release date. This makes the window tight in submitting the Staff reports by September 15. Remember, September 15 is only the deadline for initial entry of the staff reports, and you have till October 31 to submit revisions. 

Attached you will find the NSSRS Staff Instruction Manual that was released on 8/19/11.


Wayne Wiens
Technology Systems Support Specialist - PowerSchool
Educational Service Unit #9
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I am getting a validation error when I upload my student summary attendance report...I show that I have version 1.1...but it is the enrollment grade level that shows up red.   When I look on my csv file that I pull from powerschool, I show that I have grade levels entered...any suggestions??
Thanks in advance!
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Does anyone have an easy way to import the assessment resonse and assessment fact information into PowerSchool?

Any help will be appreciated!

Mead Public
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