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Anyone else have trouble getting PowerSchool to produce CRDC reports that contain data?
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You have to make sure you have filled in all the CRDC data.  There are a lot of places where you must click on the Blue words CRDC and enter information.

We have not done that so have to do the reports manually.

It is a big pain.


It has worked as expected for the districts I have worked with. Is the report not producing any info?

None whatsoever, Wayne.

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NDE has made some changes to the Staff Demographic and Staff Position Assignment reports. Unfortunately, Pearson's latest state update does not include these changes. Pearson is aware of this and has targeted September 9 as the update release date. This makes the window tight in submitting the Staff reports by September 15. Remember, September 15 is only the deadline for initial entry of the staff reports, and you have till October 31 to submit revisions. 

Attached you will find the NSSRS Staff Instruction Manual that was released on 8/19/11.


Wayne Wiens
Technology Systems Support Specialist - PowerSchool
Educational Service Unit #9
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