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Student Information (4)
Due to a professional advancement, Westside is seeking a Student Information Systems Coordinator/Registrar
General Description:  Responsible for facilitating the use of the student information system and administering student data.
Education: Bachelor's Degree or equivalent in related field 
Reports to:  Student Services office
Job Qualifications:

• Experience managing a student information system (preferably PowerSchool)
• Experience maintaining student data and records
• Experience as a K12 classroom teacher preferred
• Proficiency in FileMaker Pro preferred
• Strong communication and interpersonal skills

Essential Responsibilities:

• Work as a part of the district student services team
• Assist in year-round management of PowerSchool student data system and its interrelationship with external scheduling software
• Ensure consistent, reliable, customer-friendly implementation of the processes for student enrollment, re-enrollment and withdrawal
• Manage and maintain accurate student information including: schedules, credits, grade changes and updates, homeroom data, failure reports, grade reports and other reports
• Retrieve and organize student data for a variety of intra-district administrators and other staff
• Supervise the organization, maintenance and updating of student files and records, both physical and electronic (including collection of students' academic and immunization records from previous schools)
• Perform other tasks related to student data collection, parent-school communication, student-office communication
• Train and support end-users of PowerSchool and PowerTeacher Gradebook

Interested candidates should apply no later than July 7, 2014, at
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This is what our District is sending out for the High School Summary Grades and Attendance Reports.  Can anyone tell me how to re-format or re-do whatever it is that I need to do so this looks right?  Our elementary reports seem to be fine...

This is what they look like-

Progress Report For Phillips, Cory M as of 8/30/2010
Summary Report
PERIOD SCHED_REFPERIODARRLOAD: -12203: P.E./Health I (Teachers: Behrends,
  Current Grade:   Absences: 0  Tardies: 0
PERIOD SCHED_REFPERIODARRLOAD: -12203: Intro to Ag (Teachers: Whiting,
  Current Grade: 95  Absences: 0  Tardies: 0
PERIOD SCHED_REFPERIODARRLOAD: -12203: World Geography (Teachers: Loomis,
  Current Grade: 83  Absences: 0  Tardies: 0
PERIOD SCHED_REFPERIODARRLOAD: -12203: English I (Teachers: Mickelson,
  Current Grade: 81  Absences: 0  Tardies: 0
PERIOD SCHED_REFPERIODARRLOAD: -12203: H School Band (Teachers: Cramer, Ann)
  Current Grade:   Absences: 0  Tardies: 0
PERIOD SCHED_REFPERIODARRLOAD: -12203: Algebra I (Teachers: Dunn, Janice)
  Current Grade: 98  Absences: 0  Tardies: 0
PERIOD SCHED_REFPERIODARRLOAD: -12203: General Science (Teachers: Howard,
  Current Grade:   Absences: 0  Tardies: 0
PERIOD SCHED_REFPERIODARRLOAD: -12203: Animal Science I (Teachers: Whiting,
  Current Grade: 100  Absences: 0  Tardies: 0
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I would be interested in knowing how one of our teachers shows up as teaching your World Geography class.

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We have recently had 3 students register for school that have been homeschooled until this point in their education. I want to be sure we enter them correctly on Powerschool. We have been told they are 102 kids. Our choice on Powerschool that most closely matches in entering from a private school. Is this the correct choice?  Thanks for any input.
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Is there any way to add more parents to the demographics screen?  We have a fair share of 4 parent families, and some kids that have guardian ad litem and hhs people that always need information...
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I have created a custom screen for non-custodial parents.  You could add a screen for all other contacts.  I don't know if we can change the canned screen we see.

How did you make the custom screen for non-custodial parents.

We did changed the PS screen and now am kind regretting it since I need to go in and edit so I have the new ethnicity codes piece and some other parts we need. I would be intereested in seeing your screen for additional parents. Can you send it to me at please.

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