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New member here. I am a PS Admin.

We just transferred to a new district and PS system and I can't recall how to setup the Admin grading Store Codes (Q1, X0, S1, F1).
Years & Terms are already set up, but I'm unable to locate the store codes setup page.

Thank you in advance for your help.
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If years and terms are already set up, each term (quarter, semester, year) should have a corresponding abbreviation which is used as the store code.

Next go to Final Grades/Reporting Terms Setup ( under School>Grading) and ener those store codes.  That ends up getting a little tedious as terms that contain other terms (semesters or years for example) need to be setup to include all of those other terms.

Are you referring to the NE Reporting Store Codes?

Yes, that's it. Thank you Ray Bentzen. I knew I was overlooking it, right in front of me, so I appreciate the direction.

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Does anyone else use Brad Ramsdale  (UNL NE College of TechAg) to teach Distance Learning Crop Science?   (or any other course from him) 

I need to add his "Contracting District Number" to PowerSchool for it to pull his DL Class for us so we can get the Student Grades to submit (I think that it the issue)

The NDE Staff ID of the distance learning teacher will be included on the Student Grades template for the courses the teacher is sending to the receiving school, use the contracting district code for the sending teacher as the controlling district code on Student Grades.

Thank you!!!
Kristy Kennedy
Gibbon Public Schools
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