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Jul 2010 (2)
After we performed End of Year Process, students grade level and next school did not change to reflect grade level and school needed for 2010-11. Powerschool was "down" for a period of time, so I think that may be part of the problem.   I attempted to move kids to their new grade level but all it does is put new grade level in with last years enrollment dates.  Any suggestions?

Deb Kluthe
North Loup Scotia
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I was recently made aware of Pearson discontinuing support for PowerSchool running on Mac Servers.  Are there other districts affected by this announcement and are looking to move from a Mac to a Windows server within the next year?

One school has approached us about their situation and we're providing a hosting service for them.  I'm wondering if others have the same need and if we should expand this service for other districts and make it more cost effective?

Additional Information Regarding Mac Server Announcement

Dear PowerSchool Customer,

Recently, Pearson made an announcement regarding support options for Macintosh database

servers and PowerPC servers.

This announcement referenced alternative hardware and hosting options, including virtualization of the database using existing Macintosh hardware. We are excited to provide more detail around each of these options including what Pearson can do to help you select and deploy the right one for your district.

To learn more about Pearson hosting, server virtualization, or hardware procurement, please click here.


Pearson Technical Solutions Group
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With the note on PowerSchool ending support on Mac Servers my district is thinking about have them host our site.  Any ideas on the pros and cons of having PowerSchool host your site?

Some brief thoughts… The one big disadvantage of a hosted service I see is if you lose your internet connection then you lose your connectivity to your server.  If you have your server in-house then an internet outage would not affect your access.  You will have to weigh what an acceptable amount of time the internet can be down without teachers and administration going nuclear.  How many times did you lose internet access last year?  How about the year prior to that?  Is it trending upward or downward?  Another disadvantage I have seen is that that a hosted schools performance can be sluggish at times.  How big is your internet pipe into your district?  Do you have any other hosted applications?  How do they perform? 

With that being said it would be a little different if your local ESU hosted it for you.  Many times when we lose internet connectivity we can still get to our ESU, ESU10.  This is because the fiber cut or problem is downstream from them allowing us to still talk to them.  Performance lag would also be reduced if they were to host because it is a shorter hop (at least how we are set up) and would not have to traverse the internet to Pearson’s Datacenter.

An advantage to hosting is that if you are a smaller district and don’t want to worry about hardware then you don’t have to.  Either Pearson or your local ESU would take care of that for you.  In the past custom pages presented a problem for hosted districts.  The new custom page management has provided a good solution for this.  It still has some quirks but is a viable solution. 

Lastly, with Pearson’s hosted solution you would have no access to a “server/console” however depending on how your local ESU would set things up, there would be the possibility of gaining access to a console remotely if you needed to troubleshoot some issues or still wanted to use custom pages the old way.  With either hosted solution you “shouldn’t” have to worry about backups.  

We have had Pearson as a host for the last three years and with the sluggish connection and down time I think Sargent would be interested in the ESU hosting/supporting our PowerSchool server. 

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