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Joan Ibarra (37)
I am trying to put  the students' total credit hours earned as well as the pending (potential) credit hours into an object report.   We use a credit type (AHS).    

I can find these codes:
All hours earned   ^(*credit_hours.credit_type)  The student's total credit hours earned

Credit type  ^(*credit_hours.credit_type,MA)  The student's total Math credit hours

EarnedGrade Level   ^(*credit_hours;9)  The student's total credit hours earned in grade 9 Note: Multiple grades can be listed such as ^(*credit_hours;10,11)

Grade Level & Semester   ^(*credit_hours;9;S1)  The student's total semester 1 credit hours earned in grade 9

Potential Hours^(*potential_credit_hours)The student's total potential credit hours Note: The filters used for credit hours earned can also be used for potential credits hours such as ^(*potential_credit_hours;9) or ^(*potential_credit_hours.credit_type,MA) 

I cannot get anything to work at all in this report.   Anyone use these types of codes in an object report?   
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I have ONE student in 12th grade who shows "not ranked" in her cummulative information when I am in the high school within PS.    However, when I transfer to the District office, and look her up her class rank then shows in the cumm info.  In addition it shows up on her counselor dashboard. Any idea why or what I can do to fix this?   

When I print a transcript her class rank does show up.  It is different than the one showing in the "district office" mode.  So the problem is getting worse.   :-)   (The one showing up on counselor dashboard and district office match, but do not match what is showing on transcripts). 
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We are using a 4pt gpa to figure class rank:


We haven't had problems before! 

I deleted the class rank that I ran recently then re ran class rank.  She now shows not ranked when in the high school, for both cumm info and counselor dashboard, but her ranking shows at the district office.     And, the transcript does not match the screen info.   (This is true for other students too).   My transcript has this for the class rank code:

4 Pt GPA Rank: <TABTO 1.875>^(*classrank method="4PTGPA-Cum" result="rankof") 

I found the error.   I guess having to ask everyone makes my brain work better! 

Have a good day! 

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If your school is using Chromebooks, can you please fill out this short survey for us?  Thanks in advance!

Chromebooks Survey
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I am attaching our Kindergarten, Grade 1 (Grade 2 is very similar), Grade 3 and Grade 4 Report Cards.  
Our Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2 are totally standards based.  Grade 3 has standard based grades for everything but math.  Grade 4 has standard based grades for everything but Math, Science and Social Studies.

We have Reading Mastery right now and have separate report cards for that, if anyone is interested in those.   

If anyone wants the report in addition to the pdf, I'd be glad to share and you can adjust to meet your standards/fields.

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I am having a few issues with attendance at our district.  Some of the schools had errors in the calendar setup, some had scheduling issues and errors, and etc.   I am trying to fix everything and get it going before our Student Summary Attendance reports are due.  Out of five schools, I think one is working correctly and has everything set up as it should be!    I know part of our issue is incomplete schedules at one school.   However, I have an issue with one day at the high school that shows a zero for attendance in the ADA/ADM for all students.   The date is the last day of school, shows in-session, shows the correct day and bell schedule, yet when you look, it is already showing no attendance for students that day.    I am including a screen shot here:  (The date in issue is 5/20/14.)

 Any ideas?
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Have you checked that your calendar shows 1 for Membership Value?

Membership (your 181) is calculated from the Calendar's Membership Value.

Attendance (160.2) is calculated by the Attendance Conversion that is attached to the Bell Schedule that is set for the specific day in the calendar.

For 5/20, where the Attendance value is 0. I would check the Attendance Conversion associated with that day's Bell Schedule.

Also, the Membership value and the Attendance values should equal for days in the future. The 16th & 19th has 1 membership point, but only allows 0.8 of an attendance point.

Remember to refresh attendance anytime you make a change to the attendance setup.  Special Functions > Attendance Functions  > Refresh Premier Attendance Views Data.

I ran the refresh attendance and I still get a zero in the day for May 20, 2014.   So, when you print out a report, it will show every student has an absence already.   My calendar set up looks the same for that day as the days before.  I wanted to attach a screen shot, but can't in a comment. 

The .8 days are because this particular student has an incomplete schedule on top of this other issue.  It's really fun here this year!!!!

I sent this into powersource, but really need an answer more quickly than their recent response times have been! 


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Does anyone use the attendance tracking at all?  If so, thoughts?

Also, is there an easy export to get students with more than 5 days absent, etc?   I think I have it, but just want to see if there are better ideas than what I am doing.

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Hi Joan,

I find that attendance tracking does not work for us after 1st semester as we start counting over again at the beginning of 2nd semester.  We send letters to parents when students get to their 6th absence and again at 10.  So this is what I do:

I set up a custom page called Attendance with 2 fields on it.  6th Attendance Letter Sent (field name 6attendance) and 10th Attendance Letter Sent (field name 10attendance).  Then I created 2 stored searches:
1.  6th Absences with the search criteria of:
2.  10th Absences with the search criteria of:

When I run the search it looks for anyone with 6 or 10 absences and does not have a date in the letter sent field.  I then send the letter and enter the date in the letter sent field. 

This works well for us, but I am certainly open to  anything easier!  Please share if you find something wonderful.

I've never used it nor set it up, was trying but not getting it to work correctly.  We are needing some way that is not too difficult to find students who have missed 5 days or more, and 10 days or more....we use period to day as our attendance mode.   

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I think my brain is fried lately.  I just calculated honor roll for a school, looks good, but I want to save that group of kids so I can print certificates.   I thought I did that by matching selections last year in DDE.   However, I am having issues.   I'll keep at it, but if anyone has the answer, it may save me some time!!! 
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And, I know last year I was then able to run out the certificates easily from there as well.   PowerSource is down, so I'm asking you guys!!

I have a reporting engine report for honor roll that I love.  You can run your honor roll and then it gives you the "Functions" option so you can print a report or whatever you want to do.  If I can send that template through this source I don't know how.  If you would like to give me your e-mail I could forward it to you.  Or  I probably got it from PowerData Solutions if you'd like to check there.

Kris, could you send it to me?

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We had a couple teachers update their java when prompted yesterday, and now gradebook will not open again for them.   We had finally got everything back to normal here with gradebooks.   Anyone else have this issue?   Is there some workaround again?

I was asked to upload the Gradebook app that Ray sent it is...

If that doesn't work, try downloading it from here:

It will have to be is the message Ray sent me, and this worked GREAT!

Yes.  The settings are for St. Vincent de Paul's PowerSchool server, which won't do the Alliance folks much good.
So where the properties file says,
you will need to enter your information.  Log in to PowerSchool as an
administrator, go to System>System Settings>Global Server
Settings.  Whatever is listed there under PowerTeacher Gradebook
Settings - External Access is what you will need to put in the
properties file and save.  And that should work for you.
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There is an issue with the Java 1.7.0_45 update and PowerTeacher.

This is the workaround.

In PowerTeacher, click on Gradebook at the left. Under the Launch PowerTeacher Gradebook there is a warning line - "If the launch button failed to open PowerTeacher gradebook, click here to further assess the problem." Select the "click here" and it takes you to the directions.

I have had good luck (in a Mac environment) downloading and installing the gradebook app.  Teachers can then access their gradebook via an icon on their dock; that still gives them a web interface but one that isn't affected by the Java issues (or so far that's the case, anyway).

I had to do a little configuring of the properties file in order to get the app to run properly; I did that on one machine and then put the app to a USB stick and copied to the rest of the machines.

We are Mac, running 10.8.    We finally got everything working great until yesterday.  They can "Skip" the update, but it's too late for some already.   Ray, tell me more about the gradebook app, and what you did?   If you don't want to post it all here, you can email me

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Do any of you include MAPS and NWEA scores for your class rank?   Our school wants to do this.   How do you set up your formulas in powerschool to do this?   Any help is appreciated!
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It seems to me that there was a report you could print out of the master schedule that looked I dreaming???
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I am hoping I will remember how I did this last year as soon as I submit...I have a period set  for Extra Curricular Activities and enroll kids in it.  I have the course set to exclude from attendance, the period to exclude from ada/adm, but when you call up the students, it shows in their attendance still.   Last year I was able to change that so it doesnt' show to the secretaries, etc for attendance.   Anyone remember how to do that?
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Do you all delete your log entries every year? We have always, but I export them out and save them, due to the fact you just have so many to scroll through otherwise. 

However, I have been searching to see if there is a better way to archive, or group the log entries by year?

Anyone have any way to do that?
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I have a few teachers that cannot take attendance in some of their sections (classes).  The single day attendance doesn't show anything:  

But the multi day attendance does:

I looked at the sections and courses, but don't see anything there different ... anyone have any ideas how to fix this? 

It's been crazy this year...I think the craziest start ever to a school year!
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Mine is doing the same thing, but only at the elementary.

I had one teacher with the same problem.  My issue was that I deleted a kindergarten student that did not show up and is going elsewhere instead of un-enrolling him. Thinking "He was never here, has not grades, no big deal just delete".   A mistake I will not make again!!!  Therefore he was still enrolled in classes in the CC table confusing PowerTeacher.  I had to find his records in the CC table and delete them.  Solved the problem.

Just saw this on PSUG.  May be just what you need, and much easier than what they had me do!

Received the following
steps from support which resolved the problem for us:

System > Special Operations > Set Synch to Non-Atomic Mode (turn off)

System > Special Operations > Clear orphaned student schedule records

System > Special Operations > Set Synch to Atomic Mode (turn back on)

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For some reason all of last years lunch transactions are showing up in powerschool yet?   I have never seen that before...any ideas?
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We are having the same issue...and it's just random dates that seem to be appearing!

Ugh.  Parents are calling, etc.!!   Good grief!

The transactions should be deleted during the end-of-the-year process, so something must not have functioned properly. You can delete them, they are held on the GLdetail table. In DDA go to the GLdetail table and search for Date < sometime before the start of school this year. Verify those are the records you do not want and then delete them. Then make sure you recalculate lunch balances under System > Special operations.

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We enabled single sign on for parents, and I have had a couple parents be successful in setting up accounts.  The last 2, however get this message:

Valid student information must be entered

I tried to walk thru the steps for them and got the same message?  Any ideas what the problem could be?   The student web ID and web password has been put in correctly.   Help! 
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I have just ran across the same problem.  I had to manually go into change guardian passwords and also go into Access Accounts and manually set up the account if they have never been in.  It will then prompt them to reset their passwords.

Not sure why it is doing this so if anyone know the reason or fix I would surely like to know.

You changed the guardian passwords? 

Yes, I changed the guardian, it was the parent that was having the problem getting in and getting started. So I reset everything just to try to figure it out.

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This year, our freshmen are required to stay on campus during lunch and the high school wants attendance taken.  They were wondering if there was a way to keep track of attendance by punching in the lunch number so staff would not have to take attendance.

I did make a period for lunch.

We serve alacarte lunch, so I set up "brown bag" lunch in addition to the regular menu items, so they could punch in and not have any cost assessed if they do not actually eat from the lunch room.

However, it does not really differentiate the grade levels in the lunch reports.   I was thinking we may have to run a lunch report for freshmen each day and then put in attendance from the office.  Not ideal.

Any thoughts on this?  
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Just double checking how most of you do you commit before or after end of year processes are done?

Do you split your year long courses?
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This is what PowerSource article # 55644 says:

Commit the schedule from PowerScheduler to the live-side. Perform this action AFTER the schedule is complete and school is out of session, but BEFORE the End-of-Year (EOY) process has been run. Ensure that the year term has been created on the live side before committing your schedule.

Some schools split year-long courses and others don't. When you split them, it is easier for drop & adds at the end of the semester.

Just the other day when I was talking to tech support about a PowerScheduler question, I asked the tech support person about article #55644 stating the schedule should be committed AFTER school is out of session. He was surprised to hear the article stated that and he didn't have a reason why it would state this. He agreed with me in the fact that schools commit all the time before school is out of session.

To me committing the schedule from PowerScheduler is no different than copying the master schedule on the live side, which schools, especially elementary schools, do all the time before school is out of session.

Also, how do you define "school is out of session?" If you pad your dates, is this after the calendar days are marked as not in session or is it after the last day of Y&T? Oh, that is right, Pearson says we shouldn't pad our dates too. :)

The article is correct, you definitely want to commit the schedule before you run the EOY process.

I used to commit before the school year was up, too. With all the updates, I wondered if it made a difference. Thanks for the info.

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Is anyone else having problems again with Gradebook launching?  We have some people who are again having problems launching gradebook.  They can access PowerTeacher, but not gradebook.
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Had the same problem pop up late last week on our machines running 10.6.8.  Once again, it was the result of the ongoing Apple-Java not playing nice issues.

Java for Mac Update 15 will fix the problem for 10.6.8 (until the next updates from Apple kill Java again and result in the next Java for Mac update.

Here's a link for that update:

Thanks, we will give it a try.

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I want to show the current credits on a report (for classes currently taking, but not earned. 

Anyone have a code for me?
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Create a GPA calculation method, call it CreditsCurrent. Use   trunc(sum(gpa_earnedcredit()),1)  as the formula and set the Calculation type to "Current" and leave everything else blank.

Then use this code, ~(*gpa method="CreditsCurrent"), on your report card, object report or the Student GPA Screens.

NOTE: It will pull the credits from the term you have set on the School > Current Grade Display screen's Current Grade field.

Thanks...that worked perfectly!

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I set up a period for activities so we can have a roster and the coaches can have easy access to grades/demographics, etc.  This will also help us track activities.

I set up the sections to not count attendance, not count towards ada/adm, etc.  However, if the office goes in and marks someone gone all day for any reason, of course it fills in that period and includes it on reports, even though it doesn't count.

Did I set up something wrong, because they don't want to see that nor have the parents get something that says their child was gone from Basketball?   

Please let me know what you did differently. 


Joan Ibarra
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What report is this appearing on?

I'm not sure but I do know that for the Absentee Report, it does show that they are gone for that period.  Even though it doesn't count, it is confusing parents and the office?

Hmmm...I do see the point now.  I guess I've just never had anyone question it.  If I come up with anything I'll let you know.

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