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Brian Fleischman (12)
Good morning PowerSchool/Adviser Braintrust,

I have a student whose parents have decided to homeschool them.  This student receives SPED services.  I'm guessing I leave them enrolled in PowerSchool but not enrolled in any classes.  There's no way it's this easy as there has to be somewhere I indicate they are homeschooled.  Thanks for any help you can provide and stay safe everyone.  
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Good Morning,

We also have numerous students who are in this category. To both document their services, and to avoid the ADVISER error that the student is enrolled at the school, but not in any courses, we enroll these students into a SPED Services course.section with a certified teacher (usually their Case Manager).

We do the same thing.  Just enter the appropriate membership share for their service time - this would be a decimal number.

Thank you for the input.  What State Course Code (ID) did you use for this course?  180000 for self-contained classroom? 

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"Powerschool Software as a Service Data Center HVAC issues" along with the word "catastrophic" as part of the message.  Good way to end a Thursday.  Oh my!!
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It reminds me of when the lights went out during the 2013 Super Bowl.


CenturyLink's datacenter outage resulted from a burst pipe in the center's cooling equipment.  Centurylink has a repair crew onsite working to fix the pipe. We do not have an exact ETA on the completion of this repair, but we are closely monitoring progress with CenturyLink and we expect the repairs to be complete in the next 12 hours. 

Once the pipe repair is complete, CenturyLink will restart their cooling system and will authorize us to restore power to our servers. We have members of our staff onsite and standing by (24/7) waiting for authorization to restart from CenturyLink, we will initiate PowerSchool server restarts and restore access to our hosted environments as soon as CenturyLink indicates it is safe to restart.

PowerSchool is expected to resume operating normally and we do not expect and loss of data that was input prior to the shutdown earlier today. 

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Yesterday we were updated to 8.1.0 (we are hosted), and today our running balance under student lunch transactions is blank.  Has anyone else had this happen?  If so, do you have a fix?
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I haven't updated to 8.1, but in the past when running balances didn't agree with what showed in the transactions section, I would go the System>Special Operations>Recalculate Lunch Balances route.  That corrected the issues I had.  It may or may not work with the update issues.

I tried that and it the running balance still doesn't show.  Thanks for the suggestion.

Is the page customized? Try turning of customizations.

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I know this has been asked a few weeks ago, but I never saw a response to the question.  Is there going to be NEPSUG again this year before NETA?  Just trying to plan my week at the end of April.  Thank you.
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I believe this was discussed earlier, but I can't remember where the new staff IDs need to go in Powerschool.  Does the new number go under SSN for each teacher?
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Did you ever get an answer to this? I'm trying to figure out the same thing. Anyone? Anyone?

Alan Bone
District PowerSchool Administrator
Westside Community Schools

The STAFF ID goes on the Faculty Page that you get to by clicking on the Edit Information page.

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Is there a report we can print for Incident Management?  This could either be for a single student or for all students.
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When there is an incident can we make the charting site for the nurses larger on the Office Visit page?

I was looking into the incident management reports also. There are some templates in ReportWorks that you could probably start with. I'm working on altering one to get what I want.

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I am trying to import student photos and all Powerschool is doing is cycling.  The photo never loads.  I am running 6.2.1.  Is/Has anyone had issues with uploading student photos.
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No problems this year.  In fact even better.  I learned you can just put the lifetouch disk into your PS server and import straight from the disk.  You don't have to export them from the disk.  This is handy and makes the job much faster.

I am having problems importing only one picture at a time, sometimes the picture will take and other times it doesn't change...any suggestions...thanks.

I'm having the same problem with the staff photos. The first time I submit the photo, it fails. Second attempt works. We're hosted by Pearson. The photo import manager appears to be working fine; it's just the individual upload.

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How has everyone been importing this information into Powerschool?  The Fed. Ethnicity field is easy to find, but I am having trouble finding the field for Fed. Race.  Thank you for everyones help.
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I haven't done it yet, but this is what I think you would need to do.

These are the fields that are created in the Student Races when you do one by hand:


I would export ID and StudentID and lastfirst from the student table. In your Excel spreadsheet, you would need to add the RaceCd, WhoCreated, and WhoModified titles.

If a student has more than one race, you will need a line for each race. Enter the information for all of the students.

Before you import into the Student Races table, remove the lastfirst column from your file.

Hope that works. I would test it with 1-5 students before doing all of them.

When I view the student fields list, I don't see the RaceCd as one of the choices.  I have this entered for some students, but it still isn't showing.  I am just at a loss for what to do with this without going and changing everyone by hand one at a time.  The thought of that just really makes me excited for the new year of NSSRS and CDC reporting.

I tried to submit my Student but had errors because PowerSchool does not have fields created for the Hispanic/Latino column or the Race/Ethnicity columns.  Anyone else having this problem?

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Not sure what is going on here and Powersource articles weren't much help.  When my parents create their account for single parent sign-on and they try to login they are routed back to the login page.  There is no error message that appears, it just simple re-routes them back to the login page.  Any suggestions would be great as always.  Thank you.
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It should take them back to the public login screen. They will now enter the user name and password they just created for access to their new single log on account.

I tried this with my own children.  It just continues to bring me back to the login in page.  I did find an article in Powersource about an external web server address.  What are they referring to?  Do I need to apply an address to this area?

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I know that this has come up before, but I can't remember the answer. 

Is there a way to access a students current grades before they transferred?  We have a student that has transferred and there was no report printed showing their current grades before they were transferred out of Powerschool. 

Any suggestions would be very helpful.  Thank you.
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in the search box type  / and their last name - go to quick look-up and show dropped grades and everything should be there - then you can print a report.

If you search using the forward slash / you should find the student.  Go to Quick Look up and click on "Show dropped classes also".  Should do the trick!

Pull up the Quick Look up for that student.  If you are still in the same term, click on show dropped classes also.  If you are in a different term, change your term at the top to a previous term (when they were enrolled).  The grades should show.

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I was experimenting with Reportworks, finished my document, published it to Powerschool, and tried to print the file.  The print queue just keeps running and running, it never completes the document.  Has anyone else been working with reportworks and been able to print their documents or have you run into this same situation?  Reportworks is easy to create items, but if I can't print what is the use.

Thank you to any and all for help.

Brian Fleischman
Overton Public School
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Is there a way to store an individual students grades instead of storing everyone's grades?  Thank you for any help and direction.
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There is no way to store  individual grades like you store all grades using the Permanently Store Grades feature.   You must go to Historical Grades screen for the student and click on the Multiple New entries and enter the grades that way.

You can also store by section number if you need to change historical grades for one class. 

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