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Gary Warner (9)
We connected Clever to NWEA for Maps and state testing. We need to connect the field in PS for the state id code for our schools to Clever and then on to NWEA. Where is that in PS. table and field? Or where does everyone else put that?

Gary W
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I was seeing emails back in June and the beginning of this month that 8.0 will be installed on our system (We are hosted by Pearson) the 2nd week of July. It is still not done Does anyone know when the systems hosted by pearson was going to get done? I saw a requested if you did not want it done or a later day but that was it. 
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Anyone else having an issue with "Smart Search" in PS 8.0.1 ?

Use to be when this was ENABLED & we start typing a students name it would start showing students, now it won't show students until I hit enter.  This is a real issue if I am not sure of how to spell a name & it is not handy to type B and sort through everyone....

And I could of swore we saw a nice feature when you Select Students by Hand that I saw Check Boxes so we did not have to hold down the CTRL key to make multiple selections.

Click on Personalize on the left side of the main page and check the Interface options to see if they are what you want.

I noticed this on your server this weekend. I unchecked enable smart search then submitted and rechecked and submitted  and it still did not work. I would recommend restarting PowerSchool as the first step. 

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 Here is the issue. Grades not printing on report cards for 2nd graders.
Giving a blank.

1. This is for a PE class.

2. K-2 are in the class and enrolled in all the same class, 3 PE.

3. Grades are entered for all kids in this class for the semester. Dates
were checked in the gradebook.

4. Different report cards for each grade, K report card, 1st grade
Report card.......

5. K and 1st Grade PE grades are showing up on their report cards. 2nd
Grade are not.

6. Checked code (object reports cards) on all report cards. All the same
for every report card

7. Checked DDE, all stored grades are in there for all kids.

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Pick a student and then look at Historical Grades to see if a blank record got stored (it will show a dash).

There are grades in the StoredGrades table. 

On a student page, click on Historical Grades in the left-hand column.

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 We started standards on our Elem Report cards last year. This year the Q1 was ok. Everything ran great. The teachers used powerteacher to put in the standard grades. This quarter, we showed the teachers how to put in standards via gradebook. We tested this all out in Nov/Dec on one school. Everything was working by the time X-mas came up with just a few very minor issues with comments(fixed by the the patch). Now Report cards are due to be printed. The school that we did the testing on, works. All standard grades are showing up with regular grades. The other schools are not. Their regular grades show up but not standard grades. We have been comparing the schools and can't find anything that is different except the Reporting Segments which I have changed to match the school that works. Nothing still. We are storing the standards via the System/Store Standard Grades. The admin who did it for the school that works, confirmed that we are doing all the step correctly. I have verified that the standards are in via DDA and on gradebooks but have not verified that they have been stored as historical as can't seem to find that.
 Any one have a idea where we can look to get the grades on the Report Card?? Codes are all write and match everything else. We are trying to show a Q2 standard grade on the report card.


Gary Warner
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You do not need to use that function if you are using the gradebook or PowerTeacher for standards. They automatically store withour running store standard grades.

If you go to a student and their quick look up and view standard grades, do you see standard grades for Q2 or just Q1.

Checked the quick lookup, completed standards only show Q2 not Q1.. Q1 was done in powerteacher, Q2 was done in gradebook. Read something that is the way it is suppose to be too. This was on a school that the RC does not work too.

Does your code on the report card object report look something like this for the standards

(*std.stored.transavg;E.P.REA.3.1;Q1)<tabc 6.75>~(*std.stored.transavg;E.P.REA.3.1;Q2)<tabc 7.25>~(*std.stored.transavg;E.P.REA.3.1;Q3)<tabc 7.75>~(*std.stored.transavg;E.P.REA.3.1;Q4)

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Got a simple questions but just don't know. My teachers on the gradebook want to see a class with the Q1,Q2 adn S1 grades right next to the names. They can change to each time Frame - Q1, Q2 or S1 and see grades but would like to see in a row. They would like to do this so they can do a quick sanity check on the final grades. By having them all in a row you can see if someone has a Q1-80, Q2-85 then S1 should be around 82 or 83.. Of course depending weighting and stuff. how do you do this??


Gary Warner
Adams Central
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I;m not sure that you can get all 3 to appear on the screen, but if you run the "Scoresheet" report you will see all 3 grades in a row.

I'm not sure if this will change it, but you can try. Go to School Setup>Miscellaneous and change the drop-down menu to Semester.

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Hello, We have a problem with one of our Elem Schools in attendance. They are reporting attendance twice a day AM, PM. If a student is absent just the morning or afternoon it counts it as 1 day missed, if they miss all day, then it counts as two days absent. I know it has to do with FTE but don't quite what to change. Any help??

Gary Warner
Technology Director
Adams  Central School District

Borrow money from pessimists...they don't expect it back.

Steven Wright

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I think you need to check your attendance conversion to see that it is set up appropriately.  Failing that, there are some good articles in the PowerSource Knowledgebase that might be helpful.

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I thought that this was covered before but can't see it. How does everyone handle substitute teachers and getting them to login to do attendance and such??


Gary Warner
Adams Central Public Schools
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We have an instruction guide that walks the subs through how to login and take attendance.  This is given to them when they first check into the office.  We use the password scheme that changes with the day.  We have at least one sub everyday and most subs are pretty regular so they know the drill and don't even need the guide anymore.  Our regular subs have their own network login and the subs that are new or just sub from time to time just use the generic sub network login.  Hope that helps.

But how do you assign them classes and such?? It seems that everytime they come in you will have to assign the class to them so they an take attendance.

They login thru the Substitute Portal. It is the same URL as your teachers' PT URL, except /teachers is replaced by /subs. They will have to have a password and this is setup at School > Sub Login Settings. There is an option to also require the subs to type in a date.

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Thanks all for the help in getting a link for teachers and grade. I have 2 teachers out of 80+ that can't seem to get it on there computers. I have checked it out and it is driving me crazy.

We checked all the pref and when we click on Gradebook from powerteacher, we see that the link is downloaded to where ever. It opens and everything is find. We close gradebook and the file disappears to the unknown. Not in trash or anything. So we click on the link again from Powerteacher. After it opens, we copy that .jnlp file somewhere else. Close everything, then try to click on the .jnlp file, we get the login for the gradebook but it will not accept the password/login combo. Says a bad password but it is right. Just these two computers it is happening to. One is 10.4 the other 10.5.8. i have spent an hour looking at all the java, web settings and everything but no joy.

Any help out there?? (Pink Floyd)

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We have a teacher who is leaving as he is going to the Middle East for Guards. Another teacher is taking over for him. We need to add her to his class and see his gradebook and be able enter in grades while he is gone.
 On the same lines, have resource teachers who need to be able to see certain students classes and grades for helping out the students.

If someone helps me out on that those, I might have a cookie for ya.. LOL
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We handle resource teachers and students by creating a class called SRS and enrolling all thei case load into that class. Even the ones they do not see and are just monitor only. This way they have access to all the students grades.

As far as teachers leaving, I just change the password for the regular teacher and let the long term sub use the same account. This way the students reamin under the actual teacher. If you do not want to do that, you can just change the teacher on the classes to the long term sub and then when the real teacher gets back, change them back.

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