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Chris Ericson (7)
We have a new student starting on Monday, and he got enrolled into his classes the date he was entered into the system. Is there a quick method to fix this?
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You can do this id DDA in the CC table. Search for Student ID and the entry date that is wrong. Change all to the new entry date.


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Does anyone have a customization they would share for our school nurse which would allow us to enter immunizations, keep track of weight and height, and so on?
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Here is the page that we use at HPS.  For it to work for you you would need to open it in Dreamweaver or another text editor and note the custom fields I used.  You would have to use the same or change them to your own customs fields.

Don't know where to place a file for you to download, send me your email address.

Let me know if you need help.

I have about 5 different screens if you are interested. You can edit or use as is. Email me at and I will send you all of them.

Please send me what you have for student medical information.

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Being a coach, teacher, and PS admin; what I am able to do in a school day is limited. We are beginning our second year of PS and I am looking to delegate some responsibilities within the admin side of PS. Would anyone have some insight, or something they would share with us? My schedule would appreciate it very much!
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I am new to using Graduation Sets for auditing graduation requirements for our students.  Is there a way to pull classes that the students took from historical?

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Does anyone have a custom screen which would include the following data for Mother, Father, Foster Parent, etc?

Last Name, First Name
City, State, Zip
Home Phone
Cell Phone
Employer Cell:

Resides With:     Y or N
Guardian:            Y or N
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One of our secretaries was at the PS workshop in Omaha the Wednesday before NETA and saw a custom screen which someone was using titled "Other Parents". It had fields for guardians, divorced parents, etc.

Does anyone use this or can tell me where to find it?

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Hello Chris,

We click on a student, under student Information, we have a field called Custom Fields, under that we have a field called Non-Custodial Parent, here is were we put there address and phone numbers.  I hope this helps.

Ord Public Schools

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We want to print out the final grades for one section directly out of the gradebook. Is there a report for this on the admin side which would list the enrollment, and their final grades for specified terms without doing this directly in the gradebook?

Chris Ericson
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In the admin side go to reports, run reports and under Grades and Gradebooks, select Teacher Gradebooks, you there can select which teacher and it will print grades for you.

Reports --> Run Reports --> Teacher Gradebooks should work.  You can select one or multiple teachers and one or more class periods.

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A while ago, I added a custom page that has a link in the Reports screen called School Level Reports. This screen has a bunch of links set up for customized reports to use at the school level. My problem is that I can't remember where I got the .html files from to add to my custom folder so these work.
Does anyone have an idea what I'm talking about or can assist me?

Chris Ericson
Sutton HS
Tags: Reports
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I think that is where I am finding this. Or I am finding that there is another site that uses info from PDS.
Anyway. The report is called Custom Reports Home v2.1.  It is real nice and will be better when all the links are updated.

Thanks to all who respond/ed

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