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Kim Miller (2)
All of my Calendars are erroring and it has something to do with year long period of time.   I am getting error code 409.   I have looked everywhere for something wrong and I can't figure it out.    Has anybody ever had errors on their calendar?   If so what did you do to fix?      I will take any suggestions on things to check.   Thanks.
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Same error : Year Long Calendar 409 Error Code at Hastings.

I think I found my own answer.   We need to install update 29.9.1.   Case Notes:  The Calendar session resource was not publishing for SY 2021-2022 because of an incorrect value of Period Sequence.
This is rectified and the Calendar Session resource is updated to pull the correct value of Period Sequence and publish for all the school years.

Kim, you are correct. Just to clarify, the version needed is 21.9.1.

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Is anybody having issues getting their Calendar to publish?       I have checked everything and I don't see anything that is wrong.    Because my calendar is publishing it is causing lots of issues on other reports.      Any suggestions to check?
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