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Tracy Brummer (1)
I am trying to switch our Elementary Report Card to an Object report Report Card, however I am having problems with adding teacher comments to the report card. I've tried the basic tags for it ^(reportingterm.teachercomment;Q1), ^(teachercomments) etc. with no luck. Any ideas?
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This is what we use:

Make sure you are referencing the correct period and schedule that the comments are entered in. We use a work habits course to enter comments and then reference that course (P8(MON,WED).

Ok so this is what I did:

Still no luck. . Here is a link to the comments that I am trying to get to show up.

We use course numbers 10005 is our course number

We just have a box for comments so we change term every Quarter.   So it is kind of a pain. If you have room for all terms you can put them all in at once


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