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Rhonda Hoyt (7)
Hi all,
Received this message from a teacher

"I just had an interesting conversation with a student who reported that
Student's name here  has the ability to "change" his grades in Powerschool to
show his current status to his parents.  The grades revert to actual
later, but it is disturbing that he is able to make temporary changes to
hoodwink his parents."

I'm inclined to think that is just some big talk by the student in question, but thought I would check in with the experts to see if you have had any real instance of this or anything similar happening.  Thanks.
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This has probably been talked about a number of times, but I haven't been able to find the discussion.  I am running (attempting to run) my Student and School Enrollment reports.  They are stalling.  It shows an NA under Started and Pending under Status.

I am sure there is something I am forgetting.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?  Thanks  so much.
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Go to System > System Settings > Reset Server. Check the box for Restart the OLAP tomcat service (includes ReportWorks) then select Restart selected services now. Might take about 5 minutes.

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Has anyone heard of a new gradebook problem with Java?  The science teacher came to my class and told me that Java updated and now he can't get into his gradebook, but I haven't heard from any other teachers or anything on the PowerSchool lists I monitor.  Haven't had time to do much troubleshooting yet, but thought I would go ahead and reach out to the 'experts'.  Thanks!
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I had the same issue crop up today for teachers running Mac OS 10.6.8 (Apple continues to create problems for that OS and then has to come up with Java updates to fix those problems).

I downloaded and installed Java Update 14 from the support site; that fixed the issue.

As to not all teachers mentioning the issue, my guess is they are either not running 10.6.8 or haven't actually re-started their laptop/desktop in several days (once re-started I bet the gradebook won't work).  

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Hi All,
We contract out our lunch program with Lunchtime Solutions.  In the past we have used a separate system (I don't know what) to record all meal transactions. Lunchtime has separate pricing for different breakfast choices or entree or drink choices.  Now we are going to start using PowerLunch to record meal transactions.  Those pricing choices are pretty limited in comparison.  I have not seen anything to make me think I can change them. (I could very well be missing something as I was looking quite hurriedly)  My question is how  schools have made other pricing structures work with PowerLunch.  Thanks in advance.
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Any thing sold other then a full meal in PowerLunch must be done as a A La Carte item.     You click off of the box that says full meal charge and only type in the amount of the A La Carte item you sold.   

We had our lunch screen customized so that different items on the screen can be selected and the added together.  Luchtime Solutions has so many a la carte items that it was hard for the ladies to add it up.    But in the end it does put one price in the a la carte item area.

We use the A la Carte for PowerLunch customization found on the PowerScource Exchange site.  You can set up almost anything you want on it.  It also itemizes the sales for the parents to see exactly what their student is purchasing rather than dumping everything into "A la Carte".  We love it!

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We were upgraded to 7.0.1 on Thursday (9/8).  I discovered today that some students are now unable to log in.  They are using the correct log in and password.  Their access is enabled.  I can successfully log in to their account on my laptop using the same information they are using unsuccessfully.

I have tried turning off their access and then turning it back on.  No change.  I have been browsing PowerSource for clues but have not found any articles on this.  If anyone has an idea I would love to hear it!  Thanks
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Hi all,
Wayne sent several troubleshooting ideas which we have been working our way through.  Discovered today, however, that previously the passwords were not case sensitive, but now they are.  Some of the students were using lower case, I always use uppercase.  Such a simple thing....

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Our board voted last night to add Jr. Kindergarten starting next fall.  I
am thinking ahead to how I will add this in PowerSchool.  I would like
to get some feedback on my thinking.  We currently have 3 schools set
up.  High school, elementary and preschool.  NSSRS reports come out
fine.  I am thinking that it would be best to make this Jr. Kindergarten
part of the preschool, mostly because the calendar and length of day
would be more similar and the method of attendance might fit better. (of
course I won't know that for certain until later)  If anyone else has
added or is adding this, how was/is it handled at your school?  Thanks.
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We upgraded this fall to 6.0.0  I am having some difficulties with NSSRS reports that I have never had before. Does anyone know what report versions we should be seeing in our state reports?  Want to make sure I have the "latest and greatest" before I get any more frustrated.  Thanks.
Rhonda Hoyt
Anselmo-Merna Schools
K-12 Counselor
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Maybe I'm loosing it, but I thought I had posted this last week, but I don't see it, so here it is.

Student 1.9
Student Snapshot 2.0
Special Ed Snapshot 1.2
School Enrollment 1.6
Day Calendar 1.0
Title I 1.3
Assessment Fact 1.1
Assessment Response 1.2
Student Summary Attendance 1.3
Programs Fact 1.1
Post School Survey 1.2
Staff 1.4
Staff Snapshot 2.0
Staff Assignment 1.2
Assessment Item Response 1.1
Unique-ID State ID 1.8

NOTE:  PowerSource's latest documentation has the current version of Student Snapshot @ 1.6 and the Staff Snapshot @ 2.0. From what I can tell they have them switched, Student Snapshot s/b 2.0 and Staff Snapshot s/b 1.6.

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