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Bryan Williams (5)
This is the Grades Report we have been using for our downs list.  I have updated it to 7.x and it should work on other servers (removed our localization's).  This report generates a list of students on the screen.  It does not create an export file you can download.  We use custom pages in PowerSchool System Administrator so I have dropped the file in the reports folder under the admin folder.  You can ether give that link to your principals/counselors or edit your reports list to include it.

Click here to download the file.  (You will need to right-click and do a "Save link as" and rename it to gradesreport.html)

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Thanks for fixing this report for 7.0. I have a question though.  Can I upload this report using Report Engine - Upload local report? 
I tried the Low Grades Report today that I had in my Reporting Engine prior to 7.0 and I received an error...very frustrating. 
I am assuming your fix is what is needed for the 7.0 version.
Thanks for any advice.....I loved this report and want it back!!!

Matt Freund posted directions for fixing the report on PSUG. Here is a link to the updated Low Grades Report if you don't want to make the fix.

Thank you VERY much Kristi.  I was able to follow the direction and make it work.  I appreciate your have made me a happy girl!

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Since there always seems to be some confusion on what the current version of reports you should have I thought I would post. This should be the latest as of 8/23/2011. Will try to post throughout the year.  Here we go...  

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I took the plunge today and migrated to PowerSchool 7.  Overall impression of the process --Very Easy and Very Smooth!!!  There were a couple of things I had to figure out with SSL but it wasn’t too bad.  SSL is more streamlined in PowerSchool 7 than it was in PowerSchool 6 so props to Pearson on that one.  The entire process took roughly 3 hours.  Now that I know what I am doing, I think I could get it down to an hour or so.  Will continue testing over the weekend and throughout PSU San Diego and see if I find any gotchas.  Oh, and it screams -- as in it is super fast!!!  Grade = A+ so far.
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A while back I saw some questions flying around about how a district would store health/medical information of students in PowerSchool.  There were a couple of ways to do this, either use a third party system or create custom pages/screens with all the necessary fields in PS for your data.  I was never really a fan of either but with the release of PowerSchool 6.1 and Health Management, it may satisfy the requirements you are looking for to manage your student’s health records.  If you want to implement this in your district, download PowerSource article 59166.
If you want to take a quick peek, here are a few quick notes on setup.  All immunizations, screening and grade level entry certifications are defined in the district office under District Setup.  You must enable the “Health” screen for each security group.  System --> Security --> Groups --> Select Group (example Nurses).  Now give appropriate access rights to that group.  I gave our nurses View/Modify/Delete for Certification and Screening and View/Modify for Immunization under the Health and Immunization section.  Don’t forget to check the checkbox “Health” under the Accessible Student Screens for access on student pages.  Scroll and hit submit.  As with Incident Management, I believe you will be able to generate reports from ReportWorks at a later date.
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I do not see a plus or add sign on the immunization screen I am failry sure i have all access set up correctly to read/write and delete if an option. Any other ideas.

Just for kicks, go to School Setup --> Miscellaneous under General --> Uncheck Show student photo on student screens.  Submit and try it again.  PowerSource ID: 59031  It seems fixed with 6.1 here but who knows.  If that doesn't work did you try to disable customizations.  Lastly, image server -> did you copy over the new scripts/images etc?

What are you using for Exemption Types and Codes?

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There was a previous post about Java update 11 and not to install it because it would cause PTG issues.  While this did not affect us it seems the latest release of Java 1.6.0_12 for windows does.  I have verified this on multiple systems.
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I am looking for places to learn some basic JAVA so I can do some java customizations in PowerSchool.  There are lots of sessions at PSU that deal with JAVA and I would like to take these classes.  However, I would like a basic foundation before going to PSU so I don't waste my time in the class.

Brian, I was at PSu this summer and took the basic and inter on java. I have very little coding experience except for html and basic, basic DOS (yes a long time ago). It was easy. They really build from one lesson to the next. They had us doing some pretty cool things that in my classes and then idea's just started to fly around. I would not worry at all about it. 

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