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Lori Peters (3)
Is anyone else having an issue with their dual credit courses not reporting correctly?  I have several courses/sections showing up in my Adviser validation as dual credit when they are not.  With students enrolled receiving dual credit as well. 
In PowerSchool, I do not have any courses/sections marked as dual credit, but after grades are stored, I go to the student's historical grades for those who received dual credit and mark the fields.
Right now in Adviser validation, I have a large number of sections showing dual credit and one class that should be showing is not.  Does anyone have any idea where Adviser is pulling this information from. Last year I had no problem at all.   I have double checked everything I can think of.  I am thinking it has to be at the section level but I'm stumped.
I am on the latest reporting version.
Thank you in advance!
Lori Peters
Logan View

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Yes are starting to see this as well.  Please open a ticket with PS (we will be doing the same thing) I will talk with the PS development team on Thursday about this as well. 

If there are any other districts with this issue please open a ticket with PS. 


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Is anyone else having a problem running the 2017-2018 CRDC report?  Every time I run the report, it fails.  Is there something I am missing?  I am leaving the populated fields as is:  Fall Count Date 10/1/2017 and School Year 2017-2018  I checked with another school district and their report is running fine. We are PowerSchool 12.1.1
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I wanted to let everyone know that I called PowerSchool support to let them know that in the CRDC screen, the field asking about if the student is served under the IDEA program is not working.
I populated the field and it acted like it saved but it did not.  Another state had reported this same issue earlier in the day but now they know Nebraska is not working either.  Hope knowing this saves others some frustration.  Hopefully, it will be corrected in the next update.
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