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Coleen Hodges (4)
I have went through all the steps to calculate honor roll, and my report comes back blank.  I know that is not correct.  Can anyone help point me in the right direct?  I have checked to make sure my GPA calculations are in and they are.  
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If your coding for pulling honor roll includes a reference to a specific term (Q1 I'm guessing), be sure your Current Grade Display (under School>Grading) for the affected school is also set to Q1).

And that might be something you already have in place.  If so, never mind.

Also, if you have a year in your calculation, make sure it is updated for 2019.

Thank you, I never thought about ensuring the current display was set correctly.   I will try that. 

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This year we are adding a zero hour into our class scheduling.  Not all students will have to sign up for a zero hour class.  For instance, the kids that play JH sports will sign up for the zero hour as part of their PE credits. Some of the zero hour classes will be for HS students as well.  Not sure how to set it up where the attendance data reflects that this is an extra period.  

Does anyone have any experience with setting up something like this in PS?  
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Do no add the 0 period to the bell schedule. That will make it a non-attendance period. 

So, how should I add it in.  It will be classes that take attendance and grades.

I'm sorry, I misunderstood. If you are going to mark attendance in that class, this process would not work.  For me, I would assign those students a different FTE with a different attendance conversion to calculate the attendance correctly for those students.

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Does anyone have a way to create a student alert when a student hits so many days of being absent?  I find that trying to remember to run an attendance report gets pushed to the back of my mind with multiple other things needing to be handled at once.  What does everyone else use?  Is there a customization that will send an alert on the attendance page or that has a way to track total absences on the attendance meeting page?
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I would like to know also.

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When I go to run my report cards for the Elementary we have two different ways teachers have them listed.  By percent grade for grades 3-6 and by S/U grades for K-2.  My percent report cards are printing as they should.  When I print my K-2 report cards, I end up with a percent.  I have went into set up in system reports and changed from percent to current grade.  This gives me blank report cards.  

Is there a spot in PS that allows me to print the S/U grades?  Or is this something that the system is no longer capable of?  

Also, if there is no grades in some subjects, it gives that child a 0 instead of a dashed line.  Any ideas on fixing that?
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