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Dustin Favinger (2)
Hello there everyone!  I vaguely remember having this problem last year and don't remember the workaround.  When I am looking at our Master Schedule on the live side, it does not show the number of students enrolled in each section.  It say 0/30...but if you click on the 0 then it shows you the students enrolled.  How can I fix this so that I can quickly see how many are enrolled in each section when looking at the master schedule. 

Thanks in advance for your help.

Dustin Favinger

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Be sure your calendar is setup for 2011-2012. Then in System > Special Operations, run the Reset Class Counts.

I am having the same problem this year.  However, our secretary set up the calendar and we reset the class counts and it looked ok.  Then I got on about a week later and the counts were gone again.  I checked that the calendar was ok and reset the class counts again and nothing happened. Any suggestions???

Like Sharon said you must have your Calendar Setup done then run Reset Section Meetings first Param 1 is 2017 and the code is resetsm

I just had this issue and that is what Tech support told me to do then you can run reset class counts.

It worked for me but Calendar Setup done for the school first.


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Those of you who know me already know that I have very little hair left to pull out...I am working on scheduling for next year.  I am having trouble getting the student request screens to display properly.

I have run the setup and copied my registration screens from last year.  When I preview the screen and when I actually log in as a kid, it does not list the courses to choose from.  I click on the 'pencil' icon but the box that comes up does not list any classes. 

I have tried multi-class requirements, I have tried single class, etc.  I have tried different course groups as well.  Even tried firefox and IE to make sure it was not a browser issue.

Has anyone else had this issue? And better yet, how did you fix it?

Dustin Favinger
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I have the same issue here as well.  At first I thought it was because I had accidently generated the new scheduling year under this years container (forgot to switch year).  After deleting and recreating, I was still having the problem.  Same issue was happening on my test server.

What it boils down to is that we migrated our data from another Student Information System a few years back.  This migration included Course Numbers which contained spaces.  These spaces are not liked by PowerSchool in its current iteration.  Take a look at PowerSource ID 58045.  They want you to change the course numbers so that they do not contain spaces.  It's not the best solution but it does work.  (At least for me on my test server).  I was hoping this latest release ( would have a fix for that.  It didn't....  


Thanks.  Unfortunately our course numbers do not contain spaces...I am just about to start surfing PowerSource for other possible causes. 

Did your screens come up with all the correct messages and such, but then just not list courses when you go to the pencil icon?



Yes, everything else would show fine, just no courses listed when I clicked on the pencil icon.  Are you running an image server?  If so, recopy the scripts folder from PS server to your image server.  If not, keep us posted on your outcome.

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