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Adrian Carlson (6)
I am resigning my position as PowerSchool Administrator. To take a job at Computer Logic Group as a PowerSchool Solutions Expert.

Thus, there is an opening at my former district.

The Education Technology Office of the Diocese of Lincoln Schools has an opening for a Full Time Student Information System Specialist. 

If you or anyone you know would like to apply for this position please follow this link.

Diocese of Lincoln PowerSchool Administrator

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PLEASE NOTE: PowerSchool has just canceled these sessions because not enough participants signed up.Thank you. - 2/14/2018

In addition to the ESU 10 Scheduling workshops, PowerSchool is also offering the following:
PowerScheduler: Prepare to Build (3 day), PowerScheduler: Load Process (2 day), and PowerScheduler: Build Workshop (4 day). 

These are hosted by the Diocese of Lincoln, but are offered by PowerSchool and open to any school in the area.  PowerSchool asked the Diocese of Lincoln to host these workshops since it is in a centralized location for many School Districts. To be clear:  these sessions will be open to ALL school districts and are NOT exclusive to the Diocese of Lincoln schools. Since these sessions are offered by PowerSchool and the Diocese of Lincoln is only hosting, if you would like to attend you will have to register through PowerSource and the registration fee would be paid by the school or the attendee.

PowerScheduler: Prepare to Build   March 19th – 21st    $1,200 per attendee:

The PowerScheduler Prepare to Build 3-day session is designed for schools that need extra assistance in working through the preparation process. The Prepare to Build 3-day session will go over all items that need to be completed in order to have a productive build experience. This course is designed for people who will need more assistance with setting up the parameters for their school.
Objectives: -Introduce PowerScheduler and Prepare to Build process -Use demo data to discuss and evaluate setup items -Brainstorm school specific items such as use of Teams, Buildings, or Houses -Analyze Room, Teacher, Student, and course request screen setup -Walk through comprehensive setup of Courses, including Course Relationships -Discuss use of Constraints -Download engine and demonstrate Build process -Evaluate common errors in process -Begin to work on individual school setup, focusing on specific "tricky" topics such as Course Setup, Course Relationships, and Constraints

PowerScheduler: Load Process    March 22nd – 23rd    $800 per attendee:

The PowerScheduler Load Process 2-day session is designed for schools that need extra assistance in working through the preparation process. This course is designed for people who will need more assistance with setting up the parameters for their school.
Objectives -Introduce PowerScheduler and Load process -Use demo data to discuss and evaluate setup items -Brainstorm school specific items such as use of Teams, Buildings, or Houses -Analyze Room, Teacher, Student, and course request page setup -Walk through necessary setup of Courses, including valid Course Relationships -Discuss use of Constraints -Download engine and demonstrate Load process -Evaluate common errors in Load process -Begin to work on individual school setup, focusing on specific "tricky" topics such as Course Requests screen setup and Constraints

PowerScheduler: Build Workshop    April 24th – 27th      $1,600 per attendee:

The PowerScheduler Build workshop is designed for schools that need extra assistance in working through the build process.
Objectives -Walk through Build process -Evaluate and analyze validation and build errors -Work with trainer to resolve validation and build errors -Consult with trainer as needed to effectively build the school's master schedule

To register for these courses,
1. Log on to PowerSource
2. Click on the Training Tab
3. Click on the Training Calendar Tile
4. Find the course you want to attend and click the Request button on the right.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Adrian Carlson                                 
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We have an Enrollment Verification Object report that the school prints off and gives to each student to verify that the demographic information they have on file is correct. The school would like to print this report in batches for each grade level, but then have it order the pages by a certain course the student is taking.

For example they want to run the report for all the 9th graders but then have it order the pages by the English I course. So they would get all the Period 1 English I students sorted together then then all the Period 2 English I courses sorted together, etc... They want them by a specific class, and that class is different depending on the grade level.

Does anyone know if there is a way to do this in PowerSchool?
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I don't think there is a way to print groupings by multiple periods in one pass.  You can select to sort by a specific period which will give you everyone in Mr. A's class, Ms. B's class, etc.

You might consider selecting the kids in your English I first period class, printing the Enrollment Verification report for those kids and then proceed with selecting the next period's group and the next period's group and so on.  Makes lots of little steps but about the best you can do.

On the Print Reports screen, there is an "In What Order" section. That will allow you to sort your report output by *Name (Alphabetical)
*By grade level, then alphabetical
*By period ## class as of a specific enrollment date

You cannot sort by the course (your example of  English classes) but you can sort by your 1st-period class then give to all the teachers to distribute during 1st period.

If your report does not have the student schedule on it, you can add a line with a period_info code to pull their 1st-period teacher name. We have something similar to a homeroom so I would use that if I were doing something like this.

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I have a secretary that has entered all of the immunizations in on her students.

Now she is trying to run a report that shows all the immunizations for her 7th graders.

I am not seeing a report in PowerSchool that will do that.

Does anyone else run Immunization reports out of PowerSchool? If so how? 

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I used to have an immunization report at my previous school for the nurse to run. I got it from another school and customized it.

Now that I think about it, I might have had a custom health screen back then for immunizations. I seem to recall PS didn't have much for health information.

Ray Bentzen .... is there still a working immunization report on your PowerSchool server? 

Jane Campbell
Marian High School

There is one on the PowerSource exchange that works fairly well.


I tried a few on PowerSource but none of them seemed to work. Do you know which one you are referring to? Maybe I have not tried that one.

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We are new to PowerSchool this year and during implementation we set up our Entry and Exit codes as what was listed in the Nebraska State Reporting Setup Guide.

Entry Codes
100 Still Enrolled Still enrolled in the District.
101 Original Entry A student enters a school for the first time.
102 Transfer In Transfer in from a school, institution or home school setting.
103 Re-entry Re-entry after a withdrawal, whether voluntary or involuntary
Exit Codes
200 Transfer out – Intra-District Transfer out - within the same district.
201 Transfer Out Transfer out of the district.
202 Drop Out: A student who withdrew for personal or academic reasons.
203 Completer: Diploma A student who completed an approved program of study and met district/system requirements for a high school diploma.
204 Completer: No Diploma
205 Not Enrolled, Eligible to Return
206 Deceased, A student who died.
208 Maximum Age A student who passed the age for which the state guarantees a free, appropriate public education and subsequently exited school.

Now were are getting ready for EOY and I don't know what Entry and Exit codes to list for EOY. My best guess is this picture below.

Can someone help me know what Exit and Entry codes I need to set for EOY and be accurate for State Reporting?  Or do you have your own custom Entry and Exit codes for your school?

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From your screen shot, your codes are exactly right. Your graduating seniors will exit with a 203 (completer) code then move to the graduated students school. The rest of your students will exit with a 200 (intra district exit) be promoted then re-enrolled with a 100 (intra district entry) for the new year.

Any students that are not graduating but leaving for other reasons will need to be exited with the appropriate code individually.

Be sure to have your students set to promote correctly on the Schedule Setup student page.

Hope this helps.

Thank You Kristi!
This helps a ton!

I leave all the Exit Codes blank except for Graduating. Here is the description of code 200 according to the NSSRS Student Guide. Unless you have more than one high school, middle school, or elementary school in your district, you will never use code 200.

• A student who transfers between schools within the same district/system.
• Do not use for end-of-year grade advancement.
• An entry enrollment code of 100 Still Enrolled should accompany or follow any exit enrollment code of
200 Transfer out – intra-district within the same school year.
Only use the 200 code if the district has more than one school offering the same grade.

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We are new to PowerSchool this school year and we would like to start keeping track of staff information for the NDE reports in PowerSchool. We would like to enter staff information this summer so that we can run the reports out of PowerSchool next school year.  We tried to run the Staff Demographics, Staff Position Assignments, and Curriculum extract. But when I open any of these reports they all say (No Records Found).

I assume there is a bunch of fields we need to set in PowerSchool for the reports to come out correctly. Does anyone use PowerSchool for Staff State Reporting? Is there a "how-to" document in on how to set up all the fields correctly in PowerSchool to make these reports work? 
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We currently use PowerSchool to do our Staff reporting for NDE.  You need to make sure on the Faculty Information page that you have the Master Staff Record Indicator set to YES for any staff you want to report.  That field is the KEY that tells the reports to pull data for that Staff person.
The Staff Assignment screen must be filled out for the Staff Assignment report to work.  Email off list and I can help you more if you would like


Hi Adrian,
We provide PowerSchool support to 24 school districts and I don't know of any of them that use PowerSchool for the staff report.  For most it is much easier to make the few changes each year in the NDE Portal as opposed to maintaining the data in PS.  I did check with NDE too to make sure the staff report will not be changing with the new data dashboard and they said it will NOT. So districts can continue to report staff the same way they currently are.

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