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Tiffiny Widdifield (3)
I don't really know whats going on, none of my teachers can launch gradebook.  I've tried reinstalling the launch on their desktops, I've tried to launch the old way, I've updated Java, I'm Downgraded java!!!! Nothing like having an issue with gradebook a week before the quarter ends - Anyone else having this problem??? We are hosted running 9.1.1 Java 8 Update 66.
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What a nightmare! We are on hosted, 9.1.1 also and our teachers are using Macs. I've installed Java 8 update 66 on 2 teacher Macs in the past couple of days. No problems at our school. What does support say?

It's strange that all your teachers can't access Gradebook. Try this PowerSource document: ID 73638 "PowerTeacher Gradebook Standalone App fails to launch"  This has instructions for both Macs and Windows users. This fixes a lot of Gradebook problems for me.

We haven't jumped to 9.1.x yet but earlier this fall I ok'd our hosting vendor upgrading us from 8.0.x to 8.3.x.  That killed our gradebookson all Macs running OS 10.6.8 (yeah, I still have a few of those).

If your hosted server was recently upgraded, something similar might be happening in this case.  The Release Notes for each PowerSchool update usually have notes on compatibility (which I hadn't bothered to read carefully prior to our issue).

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What is the process for utilizing the Program of Study Report through powerschool?  I have not been able to figure out what I need to check or add within our courses so that Powerschool will pull them correctly.  Any assistance on this would be helpful.  
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I am trying to print the attendance report with any comments that have been made on a student.

For example - if a student is absent for one class because of a doctor appointment our secretary comments on that one absence so that we know why that student was gone.

Is there any way when we print the attendance report to include those comments for the student in the report??
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There are some reports on PowerSource. Click on the Community tab, then the PowerSource Exchange button. Search for attendance comments. There are different ones you can look at to see if it is what you want.

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