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Brian Gibson (5)
When a student transfers into our school and brings a transcript with them, many of the courses don't match up with our course.  I remember in the past there was a way to enter a generic "Transferred Class" and then in description put the name of the course.   This puts the name of the course from the other school on the transcript and in Historical Grades.   It also saves you from having to create a new course in your courses table.  Right now we are way over the limit with courses and I'm trying to clean up some things and making things more standard.

If anyone knows those steps to creating a generic Transferred Class, I would appreciate knowing. 

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I've had to do this several times. I just go into Historical Grades and do either the Single Entry or Multiple when I'm doing a whole transcript, then you can type any Course Name into that entry, it doesn't have to match any of your current courses. I haven't had any problem loading Transfer Student's Historical grades in from their other schools. Not sure if that helps but just thought I'd relay that on.

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What are we to check when new students in our school are not appearing on the NSSRS Student Report?  It seems I run into this every year so I thought I would create an article so I can reference to.
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There is a check box labeled "Exclude this student from State Reporting" on the State Student Screen, path is: Start Page > Student Selection > Nebraska State Information > Nebraska Student Information. This shouldn't be check by default, so I don't think this is what is causing your students to not show up on the state reports. Another reason they don't show up might be their enrollment date. Are their enrollment dates within the dates you are using on the reports?

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Here is a pst file that will export names from PowerSchool for creating your CRS file for MaPs testing.

To use go to Special Functions - Importing / Exporting - Export using a template - Student Schedules - NWEA

Make sure you select the students you want to include or it will use ever student in your entire database.

This export will give you a good base but you will still have to go in a tweak your columns with some data.
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Does anyone know how to pull the State Unique ID for the new NWEA template?  I have tried:

All with no results. 


Works on my template.

Just tried that again and I get nothing.  VERY strange indeed!

Could you possibly send me a copy of your template?  If you'd like you could send it to

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Document ID:57938:  PowerTeacher Gradebook Opens as Text File on Macintosh With FileVault Enabled

I ran into this problem today and it took me awhile to figure out.  I
thought I would post this in case others have the same problem.  This
is what happened.  When the teacher opens Gradebook - a text document
opens with a bunch of stuff you can't read.  I found this article and
it really helped.
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What's the article?

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Here are screen shots to show the difference between DDA and DDE.

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Good Job Brian!

Thanks Brian, as always you are a wealth of information!

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