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Janet Kuszak (1)
I have created a simple report in reportworks, using the limited fields Powerschool has made available, but I was able to get the majority of the information needed in the report. When I go the publish the report, the Application and Category drop down sections are defaulted to No Applications and No Categories. When left at the only selection available, I get an error message stating "Not ready for Publishing        An Application and Category must be selected" Does anyone know how to fill the drop down selections with Select the SIS from the pop-up menu. Also, according the help menu, Categories are created in the SIS application. When new categories are added, this list is updated dynamically and the list is refreshed each time the Publish window is accessed. 

As it is now, I have a report but cannot use it until I can find how to apply an application and a category, so any input will be appreciated.
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To add categories you need to go to system>reportworks administration>report categories.  You can set these up here.  I have done this and my report completed but I couldn't open the report.  I have put in an escalation ticket in on this more than a week ago and have yet to hear anything.  There are similar cases like mine on Powersource.  It sounds like there are some bugs with reportworks that they need to get worked out. 

I have created the categories and have the report published, but when I go into a school and make the selections to have the report run, it stays on pending for hours and hours (over 12 hours to run 1 grade level). It never has completed running the report. Any ideas???

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