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Jayne Hoban (2)
Emails that are to be automatically sent to parents who have signed up to have grades, daily bulletin, etc. sent to them is not working since we upgraded to Premier.  If the parent (or us as administrators) click on the send now, it will send one immediately but will not automatically send them daily, weekly, etc. as marked.  From what I can find for help on this, things are set up correctly on the parent page if they will come thru when send now is clicked.  Any suggestions out there???
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Is the e-mail page set up correctly under system/system settings/e-mail.

You can turn on or off automatic emails on the menu of the server. This command is found under the hidden menu of the server (the blank area in the menu bar contains a menu that doesn't display unless you click on it). If Pearson hosts your server, you can turn automatic emails on/off by doing this in DDA:
  1. Log into PowerSchool and navigate to DDA.
  2. Select the [Prefs] table.
  3. Search for Name = emailoff. 
  4. Change the value from 1 to 0. (1=True 0=False, so for Automated email to work, the value needs to be a 0) 
  5. Submit the page
It is nice to have this capability so you can turn automatic emails off during the summer.

Hope this helps.

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Does anyone know the code to pull a teacher comment from PowerTeacher to enter in the footer of a Report Card?  I found one that could be used to add it to a Class Roster but it doesn't work for me. (reportingterm.teachercomment;Q1).  Any help would be appreciated.
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If you go to Power Source and search for teacher comments you will find an article titled  "How it works: teacher comments"  I believe you may find what you are looking for in that article.  Good Luck!

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