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Lori Stolcpart (2)
We implemented a new lunch program called "NutriKids" and would like to import the balances and LunchStatus from it into PowerSchool. We also want to export our current list of active students from PowerSchool into the NutriKids program.

Any help setting this up to be an automated process would be appreciated.

I was told by PowerSource that since we were a hosted site that I would have to use a program FileZilla to set this up. Has anyone done this? NutriKids has an automated way to export and import files, but I need to get PowerSchool to do the same.

We use AutoSend to send low balances to SchoolReach so I know that we can send info out of PowerSchool to a site. I guess FileZilla makes a computer an FTP client so it can import and export from PowerSchool.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Lori Stolcpart
Ainsworth Community Schools
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You can use an AutoComm to import back into PowerSchool. This will take the file you exported from another system and put it into the correct spot in PS

We have had a request to have the staff photos show up on the Ala Carte serve lunch screen. The student photos show up without any issues, but the staff photos do not. Does anyone know of the code that I could add to make staff photos show?

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I have a High School teacher using PT Gradebook asking this question :

(our iChat script:) I want cumulative points to get an A
You have to have accumulated 900 points
a kid could get 25 points one week
and get 175 the next week...
It wants to average everything into a percentage

How do you set this up in the gradebook?
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