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Shelley Lammers (1)
We are needing some input on reporting the Student Grades for S1 and S2 for the State.  Our grade scale is by percents, no letters.  The report only pulls a zero for us and powerschool technical support says that is what it is designed to do.  Wondering if anyone has a great idea on how to pull our percents and change them into letters. We do not want to change our grade scale if possible.
Shelley Lammers
Sutherland Public Schools
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Just wondering if you have had any feedback on this??

If you go to District > District > Grade Scales > Edit Grade Scales you can set up your percents to reflect a letter grade.  This should not affect your grading if you have chosen to show only % grades.  You will need to discus with your administration what % constitutes an "A" and so on.

Thank you Kathy, I really appreciate the advice.

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