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Does anyone know what the PS Field Name is for the Special Program: Early Childhood - Participant Info Code so we can search for EC0004 or EC0007, etc.?

Thank you!!

Kristy Kennedy
Hastings Public
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still looking for field names for Special Programs to be able to IMPORT, if that is an option.   

We exported the old State Special Programs info to see what was there.

Since it comes OUT we hope to be able to IMPORT back in data instead of marking all those fields one by one for students.

ANYONE know the PS field name for 
-Participation Info Code

these are the column header titles from the export : Start Page > Reports > Reports (State Reports) > Program Fact


still looking for field names for Special Programs to be able to IMPORT, if that is an option.   

We exported the old State Special Programs info to see what was there.

Since it comes OUT we hope to be able to IMPORT back in data instead of marking all those fields one by one for students.

ANYONE know the PS field name for 
-Participation Info Code

these are the column header titles from the export : Start Page > Reports > Reports (State Reports) > Program Fact


This is and export/import for Career ED, but the same premise.  AS EC used the program and participation info code as well. Hope this helps.

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Our registrar is attempting to break up a few very large study halls into smaller sections. Since you can't mass unenroll students from a course section, this will be a long, tedious process for her. I found a post on PSUG from 2006 that said you can just delete a course section and everyone in that section will be dropped from the course. Then you can re-create sections and mass enroll students.

This seems too easy and like it would leave orphan files. Has anyone done this? Can you just delete the section form the Edit Section screen? (School Setup > Section > Edit Section > Delete Section).

Or do I delete the section through DDA? (DDA > CC table > SectionID=### >  Modify Records > Delete section)

Is there a better way to unenroll about 160 students from course sections? Anything to avoid one-by-one modify schedule option!


Jane Campbell / Marian High School / Omaha, NE

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We had a similar situation last year, Jane. Here is the method we used to handle moving the student enrollments fairly quickly (deleting the section wasn’t an option for us as the term had already started; I would be concerned about ghost enrollments in your situation and advise against deleting the section with students enrolled):
Create all of the needed sections so they are ready to enroll students.
Then from the large section page that lists all of the students use the checkboxes to select a group of students needing moved to a specific section. Use the Drop and re-enroll button to move the group of students together to the correct section. Repeat this drop and re-enroll with each group of students from the original large section until it is down to only one of the smaller sections.
Good luck!

That looks very easy. Thanks, Amanda! :-)

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The registrar accidentally enrolled a student into the wrong school. We have an Admissions school where we are enrolling all new students for next year. They will be transferred to our main school at EOY. This student was enrolled into our current school, has an enroll_status of -1 and entry date is 8/17/2018. She has no course requests and the only record I can find in DDA is in the Students table. Can I just change her SchoolID field in DDA > Students table to the correct school? TIA.

Jane Campbell / Marian High School / Omaha
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The fields you need to change are

That is what I do


Thanks, Suzanne!

You will also want to reset the FTE as that is unique to the school and will not carry over to the new school.


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Hi All,

First post for me and hopefully the first step on the path to feeling more positive about Powerschool!
Within the student table, I have two fields - Student_Web_ID and Student_Email. Student_Email is exactly the same as Student_Web_ID except with the addition of on the end.

I would have thought there would be a straightforward way of copying the data from one field to another, but I have so far been stumped. I thought I had solved it using ~([01]Fieldname) but this only produces the right results within Powerschool (as it interprets the call on the fly). I need to fill the field with the correct data, as I will be exporting this data for use within Follet Destiny.

Right now, I am thinking I will simply export the relevant data, amend it as necessary and then import it back in to the email field. However, I find myself relying more and more on external software to manipulate and present the data held in Powerschool. Does anyone know of a way to complete what I feel is a basic task, solely within Powerschool?

Many thanks for any suggestions,

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Unfortunately there is no automatic way in PS to move values from one field to another. It probably could be done by writing some java scripts, but for a one time mass change it would be faster to export the fields (make sure you export the Student_Number), manipulate it and then reimport it back into the Student_Email field. 

Just to clarify and not b/c it matters, Student_Email is a custom field correct? 

Wayne Wiens
ESU 10

Yes, the email field is custom. Earlier today, I gave up and exported-modified-imported. The thing is, I am doing this kind of thing more and more - using third party software for data manipulation and presentation - because PS either doesn't have the function I want or it is such a headache to make it perform a task.

Some of the problem may be due to my expectations. When I build an interface for a database, I want to make sure it is as simple to use as possible, while offering as many options as I can imagine. Referencing an existing value and filling a field with that data is pretty rudimentary and I can imagine many other applications for such a function.

I guess what I mean is that I am spending too much time trying to make PS do what I think it SHOULD do, rather than simply working with the functions I KNOW how to use. In the end, as long as I can get the result I want, I should opt for the simpler method, whether it is outside of PS or not.

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How can I pull all the standards issued for a specific class and a specific

teacher for a specific term.

For example. In Elementary, each student has three standards they are assessed

on duringg Q1. They do this in the gradebook under final grades.

I want a list of all students and each standards grade for Q1. It sure sounded

easy to me until I started looking.
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This is the code I have in my 1st Grade report card to pull the "score" for Understands math concepts.

M.1.MC is the abbreviation for the standard.

<TABl .375>Understands math concepts<tabc 3.375>^(*std.stored.transavg;M.1.MC;Q1)<tabc 3.625>^(*std.stored.transavg;M.1.MC;Q2)<tabc 3.875>-<tabc 4.125>^(*std.stored.transavg;M.1.MC;Q3)<tabc 4.375>^(*std.stored.transavg;M.1.MC;Q4)<tabc 4.625>-

I'd be happy to share my report card with you. You could tweak it to suit your needs and you wouldn't have to reinvent the wheel.

I have pulled them for my report card, but I was wondering how to pull them from DDA as well. I may try exporting it with this code and see what happens.

What happens if you go to Standards in DDA and then choose StandardsID from the pull down and then put the ID in? I would think you'd have to do that for every single one. It might be easier to take your report card text and put it into new object report.

Just thinking off the top of my head....

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Last fall when my elementary kids got scheduled, the last day was put in wrong and I need to change them all. I imagine I can do this in DDA, but I'm not sure which table to go to. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance!
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I figured it out. It was in the CC table.

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In one of my schools, my secretaries were getting an error in the ada/adm by date report.

They were seeing a negative number in the report.  

10/20/2008   MON (A)   40.00  -32.00

The work fix to this error was in the report setup.
I could not leave default settings for

Attendance Mode   

Attendance Conversion

I had to define them.  When I did define them, then my report worked and I got positive numbers.


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Here are screen shots to show the difference between DDA and DDE.

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Good Job Brian!

Thanks Brian, as always you are a wealth of information!

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