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I am trying to switch our Elementary Report Card to an Object report Report Card, however I am having problems with adding teacher comments to the report card. I've tried the basic tags for it ^(reportingterm.teachercomment;Q1), ^(teachercomments) etc. with no luck. Any ideas?
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This is what we use:

Make sure you are referencing the correct period and schedule that the comments are entered in. We use a work habits course to enter comments and then reference that course (P8(MON,WED).

Ok so this is what I did:

Still no luck. . Here is a link to the comments that I am trying to get to show up.

We use course numbers 10005 is our course number

We just have a box for comments so we change term every Quarter.   So it is kind of a pain. If you have room for all terms you can put them all in at once


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I realize my html skills are pretty rusty, but I should be able to get a simple list to work in Reports  > Setup > Form Letters. I'm trying to use the <ol><li></li></ol> codes in a simple letter. Any chance these codes don't work with the Form Letters in Reports?? TIA.
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    code in Form Letters" (view all)

Hi.  I tried these codes and was able to get the desired result.
This was on both version 7.11.1 and 8.0.0.

Maurice du Preez
Hampton Public School

OK. Just need to figure out where my error is. Thanks for trying it, Maurice. :-)

What does your code look like?

This is what I tried earlier with the html codes you are using and it produced the desired results:


Grade: 4

What kind of list are you setting up?

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I am trying to put  the students' total credit hours earned as well as the pending (potential) credit hours into an object report.   We use a credit type (AHS).    

I can find these codes:
All hours earned   ^(*credit_hours.credit_type)  The student's total credit hours earned

Credit type  ^(*credit_hours.credit_type,MA)  The student's total Math credit hours

EarnedGrade Level   ^(*credit_hours;9)  The student's total credit hours earned in grade 9 Note: Multiple grades can be listed such as ^(*credit_hours;10,11)

Grade Level & Semester   ^(*credit_hours;9;S1)  The student's total semester 1 credit hours earned in grade 9

Potential Hours^(*potential_credit_hours)The student's total potential credit hours Note: The filters used for credit hours earned can also be used for potential credits hours such as ^(*potential_credit_hours;9) or ^(*potential_credit_hours.credit_type,MA) 

I cannot get anything to work at all in this report.   Anyone use these types of codes in an object report?   
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I've been trying to come up with an Activities Report that would list all the sports, etc., that a student had been in for the year.

I used an If/then statement to determine if a student had been in an activity:

^(CC;if.not.blank.then=Cross Country)

I put in a statement like that for each of the activities we have. I wanted to put in a hard return to separate them, but only if there was actually text present, not after every if/then statement, so I changed it to the following:

^(CC;if.not.blank.then=Cross Country<br>)

By golly if it didn't print just the ones that returned a value!!

I'm so excited about this and there's no one else geeky enough around here to be excited with me :~D

Peggy Medema
Valentine Community Schools
Valentine, NE
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That works AWESOME!  Thank you for sharing!

 This geek is pounding his fist on his keyboard and giving the "peace" sign back at ya!!
 If I did the same thing on my chest like the Pro players, it would hurt.. LOL

Gary Warner

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I'm scrambling to get a Kindergarten Report Card (object report) done by the end of the quarter. I have all my standards set up, but I'm not sure how to format the data tags correctly. I want the teachers to be able to enter a check mark once for each standard and have it show for the whole year. Do I have to have a check box for every quarter, or can I have one for the year that will print at every quarter?

If I have ^(*std.stored.transavg;M.0.R.1;Y1) will it always pull regardless of which quarter I'm in?

Peggy Medema
Valentine Community Schools
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 I have done this and it is not pretty to get done. I have our RC divided up by quarters. Y1=Q1 on mine. With another line of code for Q2 and so on. Also had to make sure that on your semesters on final grade setup, you have quarters listed in there or the teachers will not see Quarter boxes to check but only semester. Ran into that last year. Also need to make sure that your permissions for who can see the standards for your classes are right too. Don''t add in the attendance code that you use for everyone's Attendance. Then all the teachers will see all the standards for a kids whither he/she is in K or 1st..

Gary Warner

If I'm understanding you right, you'd have something like this:


with it all lined up to print to the same spot?


Each will have to have its own spot to print to.  If you have columns for your grading periods, each standard checkmark will need to be set up to print to the particular column for that grading period.

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Hello Everyone,

I am trying to find a report, that will show that our teachers have submitted there final grades for the year.  Is there such a report?

Thanks again for all your help!

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If you have one of the latest versions of Premier, you can run a report from PowerTeacher Administrator. PowerSource KB article 56081, pg 23, describes how to run the report.

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At the PS Sharing session on 12/3 /08 Bryan Williams shared the following sites which have prepared object reports as well as other useful PowerSchool info.
Yahoo Users Group
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