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I am new to PowerSchool and one of our buildings is having an issue printing report with staff.  When you search staff in PowerSchool 57 staff members pull but when you print a report with staff only 47 show up on the report.  What might I need to adjust to resolve the issue?  Thanks so much Sadie
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It is hard to tell what the problem is without seeing the setup of the Object Report. But one reason might be b/c the report is only set to print 47 records.

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I have two PowerSchool issues going on today and I'm wondering if they might be related or fixed by running a special operation. One student who is marked absent isn't showing up when we run the Absentee Report at Start Page > Attendance > Absentee Report. Another student isn't showing up in one F grade search, but appears in another F report.

Things just seem goofy. Is there a Special Operations function (under System > Special Operations) that I could run? We have a banner that says we were to be updated to 19.4.5 last Saturday but I see we're still at 19.4.3.


Jane Campbell
Marian High School
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Hi Jane,

Have you tried Special Functions >Attendance Functions and then Refresh Premier Attendance Views Data. May help with the attendance.  Do not know what to tell you about the grade issue.  Sorry.

Thanks,  Kris Just ran the attendance refresh and it didn't fix the attendance issue. :-( It's weird because other reports find the student. I think this is a custom report but it's used every day. I don't know why it would suddenly not work.

Well dang!

Did you try Special Operation Recalculate Attendance?

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I'm trying to print the Teacher Gradebook Report (under System Reports) by teacher for an EOY backup. The report is only printing 3 students per page, leaving most of the page blank. I've run this report in the past so I know it can easily fit at least 30 students. I see nothing in the report setup that is limiting the pages to three students. Any suggestions?

The teachers are all on PT Pro, if that makes a difference. 

Jane Campbell
Marian High School / Omaha
PS 12.1.4
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Is anyone else having a problem with the NSSRS Student Summary Attendance getting stuck in Report Que in PowerSchool?

I have tried it with the entire school and with just a couple of grades and it will not finish processing.

I have restarted ReportWorks and that finally stopped it (it would not cancel either).

Any thoughts?

Thank you
Kristy Kennedy
Hastings Public Schools
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The reason was the PS update that came out on 6-8-18 - PS was supposed to apply the update but did not - even though I reported the issue to them earlier in the week.

Aimee Muehling let me know that this is known PS issues, they released the fix late Friday. The fix came down with the security update. If you run the latest release that will fix the problem see below

PowerSchool Release NotificationPowerSchool SIS

It is now corrected.

Go to System>Special Operations>Load Server Reports

The password is solo flight

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Is there a report or way for teachers to print only the final grades for their classes in PowerTeacher Pro? They tell me they can't find a report that doesn't print all grades for the term. 

It's finals week, of course, and everyone is scrambling. We're also having network problems. :-P


Jane Campbell / Omaha Marian High School
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Have teachers go to a class then click on Grading on Left side of screen. Go down to Comment Verification and click on that it will open a page with students Term final grade only.  They can print that page for each class.


Duh! I knew about that page. Thank you, Suzanne! It's a rough day ...

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We have an Enrollment Verification Object report that the school prints off and gives to each student to verify that the demographic information they have on file is correct. The school would like to print this report in batches for each grade level, but then have it order the pages by a certain course the student is taking.

For example they want to run the report for all the 9th graders but then have it order the pages by the English I course. So they would get all the Period 1 English I students sorted together then then all the Period 2 English I courses sorted together, etc... They want them by a specific class, and that class is different depending on the grade level.

Does anyone know if there is a way to do this in PowerSchool?
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I don't think there is a way to print groupings by multiple periods in one pass.  You can select to sort by a specific period which will give you everyone in Mr. A's class, Ms. B's class, etc.

You might consider selecting the kids in your English I first period class, printing the Enrollment Verification report for those kids and then proceed with selecting the next period's group and the next period's group and so on.  Makes lots of little steps but about the best you can do.

On the Print Reports screen, there is an "In What Order" section. That will allow you to sort your report output by *Name (Alphabetical)
*By grade level, then alphabetical
*By period ## class as of a specific enrollment date

You cannot sort by the course (your example of  English classes) but you can sort by your 1st-period class then give to all the teachers to distribute during 1st period.

If your report does not have the student schedule on it, you can add a line with a period_info code to pull their 1st-period teacher name. We have something similar to a homeroom so I would use that if I were doing something like this.

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Is there a way to run a report on student absences that shows unexcused absences vs excused absences?
Carrie Ford
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We are new to PowerSchool this school year and we would like to start keeping track of staff information for the NDE reports in PowerSchool. We would like to enter staff information this summer so that we can run the reports out of PowerSchool next school year.  We tried to run the Staff Demographics, Staff Position Assignments, and Curriculum extract. But when I open any of these reports they all say (No Records Found).

I assume there is a bunch of fields we need to set in PowerSchool for the reports to come out correctly. Does anyone use PowerSchool for Staff State Reporting? Is there a "how-to" document in on how to set up all the fields correctly in PowerSchool to make these reports work? 
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We currently use PowerSchool to do our Staff reporting for NDE.  You need to make sure on the Faculty Information page that you have the Master Staff Record Indicator set to YES for any staff you want to report.  That field is the KEY that tells the reports to pull data for that Staff person.
The Staff Assignment screen must be filled out for the Staff Assignment report to work.  Email off list and I can help you more if you would like


Hi Adrian,
We provide PowerSchool support to 24 school districts and I don't know of any of them that use PowerSchool for the staff report.  For most it is much easier to make the few changes each year in the NDE Portal as opposed to maintaining the data in PS.  I did check with NDE too to make sure the staff report will not be changing with the new data dashboard and they said it will NOT. So districts can continue to report staff the same way they currently are.

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Anyone else run the "Schedule Periods By Grade" report in PowerScheduler lately? We just finished building our master schedule and are trying to pull up the number of students not scheduled by period and grade level. When we run the report, it's not pulling the students by next-year grade level correctly.

I called support and they escalated my issue. Just wondering if anyone else is able to run the report correctly. The support tech I had seemed to be very new.


Jane Campbell
Marian High School
Omaha NE
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I am attaching our Kindergarten, Grade 1 (Grade 2 is very similar), Grade 3 and Grade 4 Report Cards.  
Our Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2 are totally standards based.  Grade 3 has standard based grades for everything but math.  Grade 4 has standard based grades for everything but Math, Science and Social Studies.

We have Reading Mastery right now and have separate report cards for that, if anyone is interested in those.   

If anyone wants the report in addition to the pdf, I'd be glad to share and you can adjust to meet your standards/fields.

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Is there a way to print a drop/add list for the current year? I have an administrator requesting a list of all the students who've dropped or added classes for the current and upcoming semester since the beginning of the school year. Is there a canned report or a way to export from DDE? TIA.
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Hello, my admin would like me to create a report containing the following information:
Student name       Grade       Abs      Tar      Course     Assignments      Marks

Would anyone have a report already created like this? Or is this possible to create? They would like to be able to grab all the Sr. High students have have this report print as a list, not separate pages for each student.
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It seems to me that there was a report you could print out of the master schedule that looked I dreaming???
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This year, our freshmen are required to stay on campus during lunch and the high school wants attendance taken.  They were wondering if there was a way to keep track of attendance by punching in the lunch number so staff would not have to take attendance.

I did make a period for lunch.

We serve alacarte lunch, so I set up "brown bag" lunch in addition to the regular menu items, so they could punch in and not have any cost assessed if they do not actually eat from the lunch room.

However, it does not really differentiate the grade levels in the lunch reports.   I was thinking we may have to run a lunch report for freshmen each day and then put in attendance from the office.  Not ideal.

Any thoughts on this?  
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We're printing report cards for a high school, grades 9-12. We have student who've "dropped" year-long courses at the end of first semester so they end up with grades and credit for one semester of the course. We want the final report cards to show these semester 1 "dropped courses" and grades along with the other grades.

To do this, we can select students individually and select the "includes dropped courses" option when printing the report card. But that option isn't available when we select the students as a group. Anyone know how to get around this and tell PowerSchool to show dropped courses for a large group of students?


Jane Campbell
Marian High School
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Select the students then use this url only using your powerschool address. If you aren't hosted, you will also have something different than

It works! Thanks, Sharon!!

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When I run the audit file for Student Grades, any students at the high school who have withdrawn from a section after grades were stored for first semester have the entry for that grade one column off. It appears to happen with the teacher name. It sees the comma that separates the last and first name and then shifts everything over. In the column for Course Code Long, it puts in the Course code instead of the Alternate Course Code. In the Section Code Long column, it replaces the section number with the Section ID. It also happened for the extract file, except that it doesn't shift the data over.

I reported this to PowerSchool and it moved all the way up the food chain. This is the response I got today: 

The issue you have reported in case number 01363418 has been identified as a new or existing application defect.

I do not have a workaround for this issue at this time as the report is not correctly handling dropped classes.

Your case information will be associated with the existing development ticket, for tracking purposes. The case will remain open until the defect has been addressed in a PowerSchool release, at which time you will receive email notification and the case will be closed.

Just thought I'd give everyone a heads-up in case you run into the same thing.
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I want to show the current credits on a report (for classes currently taking, but not earned. 

Anyone have a code for me?
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Create a GPA calculation method, call it CreditsCurrent. Use   trunc(sum(gpa_earnedcredit()),1)  as the formula and set the Calculation type to "Current" and leave everything else blank.

Then use this code, ~(*gpa method="CreditsCurrent"), on your report card, object report or the Student GPA Screens.

NOTE: It will pull the credits from the term you have set on the School > Current Grade Display screen's Current Grade field.

Thanks...that worked perfectly!

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I thought I would try to get ahead with state reporting, and pull the Student Grades Report for S1.  I can't pinpoint what I'm doing wrong, as I am able to pull our ES and our MS information, but not the high school.  I've tried being in the S1 term, I've tried being in the year-long term, I've tried being in Q3 term, and I still get nothing for the HS.  
Any suggestions?
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Do you have the settings at District > Schools/School Info > select the high school > Reporting Store Codes. I entered Term 2012-2013 with store codes S1,S2, Term Semester 1 with store code S1, and Term Semester 2with store code S2. If you have any Quarter long classes, you will need to enter Quarter 1 with Q1, etc.

I don't understand why the ES and MS exports, but it appears that these need to be entered each school year.

Thanks Sharon, it looks like problem solved :):):)

I have some students that left our district during first semester, or right at the end.  On the grades report starting with teacher name-in the teacher name it only shows the staff member's last name, then their first name shows in the staffid column.  Everything else in the record moves over one column with that.
This affects all students that left our district during S1, regardless of exit date.  
Any suggestions on this? 

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I feel I ask this question every time I do state reports.  So here I am again asking.
What start and end dates do you use for the following:

School Enrollment
Year End Special Ed Snapshot
Title 1
and all the Program Facts


Rebecca Vanek
Ord Public Schools
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This is the Grades Report we have been using for our downs list.  I have updated it to 7.x and it should work on other servers (removed our localization's).  This report generates a list of students on the screen.  It does not create an export file you can download.  We use custom pages in PowerSchool System Administrator so I have dropped the file in the reports folder under the admin folder.  You can ether give that link to your principals/counselors or edit your reports list to include it.

Click here to download the file.  (You will need to right-click and do a "Save link as" and rename it to gradesreport.html)

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Thanks for fixing this report for 7.0. I have a question though.  Can I upload this report using Report Engine - Upload local report? 
I tried the Low Grades Report today that I had in my Reporting Engine prior to 7.0 and I received an error...very frustrating. 
I am assuming your fix is what is needed for the 7.0 version.
Thanks for any advice.....I loved this report and want it back!!!

Matt Freund posted directions for fixing the report on PSUG. Here is a link to the updated Low Grades Report if you don't want to make the fix.

Thank you VERY much Kristi.  I was able to follow the direction and make it work.  I appreciate your have made me a happy girl!

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