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I installed the Nebraska State reporting update 14.12.2

Don't Do It!!!

It messed with all the primary disability codes.  the (00) No Verified Disability code is gone so all students with that code have defaulted to (01) Emotional Disturbance.  We are still investigating, and have called Tech Support.  Wanted to get this out as soon as I could .

I will keep you posted.

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Hello - 

We are no longer printing report cards, so I am trying to develop the capability to have the parents have the option to "view report card" (essentially seeing the PDF we view when we print the report card on our end) through their portal rather than just viewing the quick lookup. 

I have contacted Pearson's for help, but was essentially told that it a customization that we need to create, the data is there to display the information, but it needs to be coded as the system itself does not have that capability.

Anyone here done this before and willing to help me walk through it?

Thanks in advance!

Megan Sullivan
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I did some investigating just to see what fields I might need to have populated in PowerSchool for this report to extract correctly and I found this website which was helpful to at least see what data the CRDC was wanting.  Here is the web site and the instructions for the 2011-2012 school year are at the bottom.
Happy Reporting ;-)  Does anyone know if we will upload this to the portal or is this something we print out and send somewhere?
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If you download the updated State Reporting Setup Guide from PowerSource, you get instructions on how to set things up in PS. However, it prints out a pdf and you need a .csv file to upload to the CRDC site. I used the pdf as a worksheet to enter data on the site, which isn't rocket science, just horribly tedious.

I was cooking right along through this until I got to the high school information for Part 2. They want to know the number of students who passed Algebra I. There's a place on the District page to put in store codes, but nothing I'm putting in seems to be extracting any data to the report. Is anyone else running into this? What are you using?

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    Is anyone else seeing that the Days Enrolled column is blank. Either that or it should not be in the extract. I knoe it was blank last year. I upladed my template and I had a validation error. Not sure what it is as none of the records are in red so my assumotion is that it is the days enrolled column.

Let me know if anyone is having the same issue. The report version is 1.0
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We are needing some input on reporting the Student Grades for S1 and S2 for the State.  Our grade scale is by percents, no letters.  The report only pulls a zero for us and powerschool technical support says that is what it is designed to do.  Wondering if anyone has a great idea on how to pull our percents and change them into letters. We do not want to change our grade scale if possible.
Shelley Lammers
Sutherland Public Schools
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Just wondering if you have had any feedback on this??

If you go to District > District > Grade Scales > Edit Grade Scales you can set up your percents to reflect a letter grade.  This should not affect your grading if you have chosen to show only % grades.  You will need to discus with your administration what % constitutes an "A" and so on.

Thank you Kathy, I really appreciate the advice.

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I have some questions reguarding how you handel end of year state reporting. Any insight would be helpful.

After the year has ended and prior to you finishing all the June reporting, do you allow anyone to transfer kids out that are not coming back?

When the seniors are done and graduated, do you go in and change all their coded to graduated prior to submitting the enrollment records to the state?

Do you have the secretarys transfer out all the student they know that are not coming back prior to T/P or do you wait until it is officially verified that they will be attending another school?

Any help would be appreciated.
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Hello Everyone,

I am trying to find a report, that will show that our teachers have submitted there final grades for the year.  Is there such a report?

Thanks again for all your help!

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If you have one of the latest versions of Premier, you can run a report from PowerTeacher Administrator. PowerSource KB article 56081, pg 23, describes how to run the report.

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I'm working on changing the exit codes for those students who will be listed as a dropout this year.  Those students who disappeared during last school year or over the summer will be included on this report.  What dates should we be using on the enrollment report to include these students.  Anybody have any ideas.

Kathy Riese
Hastings Public Schools
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