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The registrar accidentally enrolled a student into the wrong school. We have an Admissions school where we are enrolling all new students for next year. They will be transferred to our main school at EOY. This student was enrolled into our current school, has an enroll_status of -1 and entry date is 8/17/2018. She has no course requests and the only record I can find in DDA is in the Students table. Can I just change her SchoolID field in DDA > Students table to the correct school? TIA.

Jane Campbell / Marian High School / Omaha
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The fields you need to change are

That is what I do


Thanks, Suzanne!

You will also want to reset the FTE as that is unique to the school and will not carry over to the new school.


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I've just spent the last 20 minutes of my life exporting student and parent emails for someone. Is there a reason I don't want to create a custom student email field so I don't have to hassle with the data export manager? I've tried to use the export templates but from what I understand, you can't export the student email with the same template as the parent email. Quick export is SO much easier. Am I missing an important skill since I can't get both parent and student emails to export with the same export template? Am I just whiny today??? TIA.

Jane Campbell
Marian High School
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I installed the Nebraska State reporting update 14.12.2

Don't Do It!!!

It messed with all the primary disability codes.  the (00) No Verified Disability code is gone so all students with that code have defaulted to (01) Emotional Disturbance.  We are still investigating, and have called Tech Support.  Wanted to get this out as soon as I could .

I will keep you posted.

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I just discovered all our students with last names beginning with O' (O'Brien, O'Leary, etc.) on the Access Accounts screen show student usernames and Access IDs all the same: the single letter O. When I do a quick export of those web ID fields, the correct usernames and IDs show up on the export. Also, I see these students have logged in recently and I'm assuming they are not using the ID of O. I have no idea how or when this happened. (During the update to 8.0?) Has anyone else seen weird web IDs with O' names? Not sure if I should just re-enter the IDs so will be calling support on Monday.
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High school PS folks:

Do you use PowerSchool to track the college scholarships students are offered each year? If so, how do you do it?

We have a custom student screen created with fields for up to 15 scholarships per student, listing college, annual amount and total amount for each scholarship. The registrar compiles the info into a spreadsheet, which she gives to me to upload. However, I have to recreate the spreadsheet after she's created it because it becomes too unwieldy if she lists a student with all her scholarships on one row. With 200 students, this is a huge job.

If the info is entered directly into the custom page, exporting it creates an unwieldy spreadsheet that no one wants to use. I'm not sure how to create a report without 100 fields per student.

Last year, one student applied for and received scholarships at 24 schools. It was a nightmare. Is this data even worth tracking in PowerSchool? Does anyone have a better way?

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Perhaps instead of having fields for 15 individual scholarships, go with a single entry box instead of multiple entry fields.  Then you could list all of the scholarships in the one box and put amounts in parentheses after each school's name.

That would give you alot of entry box data for some kids but would only occupy one column in a spreadsheet when exported; using the wrap text function on that column would make it manageable.

Thanks for the reply, Ray. (Once again, I should have just called you. Ha!) I thought about using a single entry field, but we want to be able to pull and calculate the total scholarship amount offered each year. Exporting that data would require a lot of finagling to get it to a functioning spreadsheet, wouldn't it? I'm no spreadsheet goddess so maybe I'm missing something??

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We were upgraded to 7.0.1 on Thursday (9/8).  I discovered today that some students are now unable to log in.  They are using the correct log in and password.  Their access is enabled.  I can successfully log in to their account on my laptop using the same information they are using unsuccessfully.

I have tried turning off their access and then turning it back on.  No change.  I have been browsing PowerSource for clues but have not found any articles on this.  If anyone has an idea I would love to hear it!  Thanks
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Hi all,
Wayne sent several troubleshooting ideas which we have been working our way through.  Discovered today, however, that previously the passwords were not case sensitive, but now they are.  Some of the students were using lower case, I always use uppercase.  Such a simple thing....

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Get registered and get it marked on your calendar.
April 27th
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This year, we will have sessions covering the following:
PowerSchool 7.0
Best sources of information to problem solve
Show and tell
Standard based grading
Health screens
Incident management
Standards and the gradebook
Searching for admin and counselors
and much more........

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If you are seeing this, please call PS and submit a case. They have decided that this is a known issue and will get a fix for it at some point. I would like this point to be ASAP as this has caused many issues for many people in our district and I am sure if you are experiencing this, your district would like the fix ASAP as well. The more people calling, the better. Thanks in advance
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Somehow, someway after I upgraded, when a secretary goes into a student and clicks the auto assign id's and passwords for this student, it is assining the password as 5 letters and the id as 5 numbers.

Prior to the upgrade, the password was numbers and the id was letters.

I know there is a setting that I can set so that this will alway default to the correct letters or numbers, but I have looked everywhere and can not find it. Anybody know where this is.
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I just saw this the other day.  When you do a group  password assign, you get a box that asks several questions about how you want them set up, including whether it is letters or numbers and the length of the string.

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I was unable to attend the session on Federal Ethnicity.  I am wondering what you all are doing for this, where you are getting the information to put in, etc.    I would like some guidance, please!!
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We are sending out letters with guidelines and the form for parents to fill out today.  We have asked for them to be returned by the last day of school. We plan to update our screens and begin data input after year-end has been run.  Playing it on the safe side.

Is the form available?

I downloaded the Guide to Implementing New Federal Race and Ethnicity from the Nebraska Department of Ed website.  It has samples for you to get ideas from.

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We have a first grader who will be moving to the second grade tomorrow. I was thinking of going into the transfer info and changing his grade level however, that would make him appear as if her were in the second grade all year. Does anyone know how to do this correctly so I dont jack it up.
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I believe I would transfer the student out at the end of 1st semester, and then transfer in as a second grader on the 1st day of 2nd semester.  I THINK that would keep things straight for State Reports.  Good Luck!

I would transfer out and back in. Use the 200 code, Transfer out - intra-district. I think it would be worth a call to NDE to see how they think you should handle it. Otherwise, when you do the School Enrollment report that's due Feb. 1, you'll get an error message. They are going to have to make that change on their end. I had a similar situation last year. We had a Kindergartener who was unenrolled, but since we were giving Sped services, he still belonged to us. NDE had to make the change before it would correct the error.

Thanks for the help. Darn smart kids

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Does anyone out there have a template they use (and would be willing to share) for importing the career education stuff into student profiles?

Peggy Medema
Valentine Community Schools
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Does anyone have a customization they would share for our school nurse which would allow us to enter immunizations, keep track of weight and height, and so on?
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Here is the page that we use at HPS.  For it to work for you you would need to open it in Dreamweaver or another text editor and note the custom fields I used.  You would have to use the same or change them to your own customs fields.

Don't know where to place a file for you to download, send me your email address.

Let me know if you need help.

I have about 5 different screens if you are interested. You can edit or use as is. Email me at and I will send you all of them.

Please send me what you have for student medical information.

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Does anyone have a custom screen which would include the following data for Mother, Father, Foster Parent, etc?

Last Name, First Name
City, State, Zip
Home Phone
Cell Phone
Employer Cell:

Resides With:     Y or N
Guardian:            Y or N
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